How Accurate Is A Bed Bug Dog

Bed Bug Dogs

Why We Need Bed Bug Dogs

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” The fact is
bed bugs are biting. Complaints continue to rise as the problem spreads across the globe.

What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

Size and Feeding Habits
About the size of an apple seed, bed bugs hide in mattress seams, behind base boards, in furniture and anywhere else close to a human host. Bed bugs tend to emerge at night in search of a food source: human blood. After feeding, bed bugs can leave some people with itchy, red welts. While bed bugs are not known to cause disease, they can put your company’s reputation at risk.

Bed bugs are virtually impossible to prevent. They can thrive in spotlessly clean environments, overriding the best sanitation efforts.

How Bed Bugs Infest Property
These pests can hitchhike into your property on personal belongings, shipments, or even on your next guest. Bed bugs multiply at rapid rates. In just one month, two bed bugs can produce more than 150 offspring.

It takes just one incident to affect your business and impact your bottom line. That’s why your pest management partnership is so critical, and why a bed bug dog can help.

The Orkin Bed Bug Dog

Your New Partner in Pest Management
Bed bugs reproduce quickly, so it’s crucial to detect and treat for bed bugs early.

At Orkin, we continue to research and implement innovative, scientific pest management techniques to help protect your business. That’s why we have a team of trained canines ready to spot bed bug infestations.

Orkin’s bed bug detection dogs join our team of Ph.D.s, entomologists, and sanitarians, to provide an extra set of eyes and a keen sense of smell to help “spot” any bed bug problems you might face.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Bed Bug Sniffing Canine?

Here’s what to expect with the help of a bed bug dog:

  • Accurate Results:Did you know that dogs have about 45 times more smell receptors than humans do? This keen sense of smell makes them the new experts on bed bug detection.
  • Quick Detection:Bed bug canines can easily find the areas where bed bugs reside, and detect them quicker than their human counterparts. Faster detection can speed up the treatment process and allow you to get back to business as usual.
  • Trusted by the Law:Working canines have a long history of expertise, especially when it comes to their most valuable tool – the nose. Federal, state, and local government agencies employ dogs for search and rescue missions. Law enforcement agencies also use canine units to detect drugs and sniff out bombs.
  • Peace of Mind:Each Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist is a skilled service technician who has undergone formal accredited class work from Purdue University and is well versed in treatment techniques. The Orkin Man® plus The Orkin Dog – a formidable bed bug detection team.

Award Winning Training

No pest control company puts as much into training its pest specialists and bed bug dogs as we do.

Consistently appearing inTrainingmagazine’s Top 125 list, we at Orkin continue to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the pest control pack.

Rest assured, you’re getting the most cutting edge and effective bed bug dog management techniques delivered by knowledgeable, expert staff.

Call today to check availability for bed bug dog inspections and to get help with bed bug prevention and control.

Bed bug dogs

At Ehrlich, we have a team of trained bed bug dogs to help us accurately detect the presence of bed bugs in your home or business. They are an important part of our bed bug control solutions offer to our customers.

Using their keen sense of smell, dogs can detect odors 10,000 times better than humans. Bed bug dogs enable our pest experts to inspect for bed bugs quickly – sometimes in as little as 30 seconds per room – and without disruption.

Contact us today to see how our bed bug control experts and their canine counterparts can help you say goodbye to your bed bug problem.

Training bed bug dogs

Four of our bed bug dogs have already received their NESDCA certification – National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association. NESDCA is a certifying organization assuring the highest quality standards of scent detection canines.

Ehrlich Bed Bug Dogs

Bed bug dogs have been trained using the same methodology and training regimen as bomb-sniffing dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, mold-sniffing dogs and termite-sniffing dogs.

With 600 to 1,000 hours of comprehensive training, our bed bug-detective dogs are the finest in the industry.

Bed bug sniffing dog inspections

These dogs have been specially trained to detect live bed bugs and eggs and are extremely accurate.

  • Dogs are able to smell up to two parts per trillion and alert their handler to live bed bugs and viable eggs.
  • Our dogs will sniff out bed bugs in the smallest cracks and crevices, ensuring quicker and greater control of a possible infestation.

Ehrlich’s trained professionals will visually verify any dog alerts before any bed bug treatments are made – something our competition does not always do.

Download Ehrlich’s bed bug K-9 detection brochure for more information.

Contact Ehrlich at 1-800-837-5520 for more information about our bed bug dogs and bed bug inspections.

Do Bedbug Dogs Work? Yes, and No.

Sorry, but bedbug dog accuracy is not as great as you might think. The dirty little secret in the industry: False positives are rampant.

For the past few years, working canines have been on the front lines of the battle against the bedbug resurgence in the United States.

Trained dogs, surely the heroes of this pest epidemic, are bringing in wads of cash for extermination companies.

But do bed bug dogs work? And just how accurate are they?

A 2008 study (PDF) from the University of Florida has been held up by the extermination companies as proof positive that bedbug sniffing dogs do work.

The controlled study showed a 97.5% “positive indication rate” and no false positives. The report concluded that “if trained properly, dogs can be used effectively to locate live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.”

And that’s all the proof that extermination companies needed.

Now, Exterminators Everywhere Have a Bedbug Dog

The industry has grown exponentially since then, as has the bedbug problem in general. Now many companies across the country have bedbug-sniffing dogs — mostly Beagles, but sometimes Puggles (Pug/Beagle mix) and other breeds. I’ve even seen one company with a Chinese Crested.

Of course, these dogs don’t come cheap.

Extermination companies might spend upward of $10,000 for the dog and some handler training. If you’re an unlucky resident using the services of a sniffer dog, you might wind up paying the exterminator $325 an hour — just for the dog to sniff around your home.

Perhaps the most famous of the bedbug sniffing dogs is Roscoe, a Beagle “canine inspector” for Bell Environmental Services in New York. Roscoe even has his own iPhone app and Facebook page.

No doubt, having a dog is a major selling point for an extermination company in the bedbug business.

Do Bedbug Dogs Work?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but bedbug dogs are not as accurate as you might believe.

I know, I know… that University of Florida clinical study from 2008? It’s proof positive, right?

Well, sure, the numbers were huge, but the 98% accuracy rate doesn’t actually have anything to do with how any particular company’s dog might perform here in the real world.

In fact, the dirty little secret is that false positives by bedbug dogs are rampant in the industry, owing to poor training of dog or handler. The dog might be reacting to cues from the handler, or wanting a treat.

Not to sound conspiratorial here, but let’s say that a company tells you its dog has detected bedbugs in your apartment. Doesn’t it stand to benefit financially from the extermination costs? So, a false positive would work in the exterminator’s favor.

ANew York Timesarticle highlighted the problem, with an entomology professor conceding, “Many pest control companies have the same frustration … that they often follow behind dogs that are indicating bedbugs, and they can’t find anything.”

WasYOURPet Food Recalled?

Bell Environmental responded to that article by saying that it informs customers that there is no physical evidence of bedbugs even though the dog might have indicated their presence. The choice to exterminate is then left to the resident (or landlord).

Doug Summers of BedBug Dog, in Safety Harbor, Florida, says, “Dogs can be distracted by a number of factors: people in the room, other pets, food smells, litterboxes and other attractive scents.”

He adds: “An established infestation is usually obvious to the dog. A single bug is easier to miss. We expect a 90%-plus accuracy, but a false negative is always possible.”


I believe there should be an industry-wide, independent certification process for bedbug dogs and trainers.

Also, don’t assume that just because a dog has indicated a “positive” result for bedbugs in your apartment, you actually have them. Use your due diligence.

One handler tells me that training a dog to sniff bedbugs is only slightly easier than training a dog to smell cancer.

Colorado Bed Bug Dog


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Do You Need A Bed Bug Inspection?

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Accurate and Independent As Opposed to the ‘Free’ Visual Inspection Performed by a Salesman

Colorado Bed Bug Dog – K9 Bed Bug Inspections

Denver Bed Bug Dog Inspections and Detection

Colorado Bed Bug Dog provides the most accurate and precise bed bug inspections available in Colorado. Because bed bugs can be very small, finding a small bed bug infestation can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Inspection K9s use the power of scent to detect live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. Bed bug dogs are capable of finding even a single bed bug. Serving the Denver metro area.

Bed Bug Reality
Our K9 Difference

Despite the stigma associated with bed bugs, bug bugs truly affect anyone and everyone. Bed bugs have nothing to do with lack of cleanliness or socio-economic class. Bed bugs can be brought from hotels, movie theatres, restaurants, work places, and many other places. However, please be assured our inspections are very discreet. The best bed bug dog inspections and detections in the Denver metro area.

Lucky is a true police grade inspection dog trained by the Atlanta police dog trainer.

Most bed bug inspection dogs are rewarded with food for finding a bed bug. We have one simple question. What if the dog is not hungry that day. Our inspection labrador Lucky is rewarded with toys and praise (something a labrador always wants).

Nearly all bed bug inspection dogs require the handler to take guide the dog on leash. Lucky is trained to hunt on his own off leash because he loves to hunt!

Boss K9 Detection – Accurate & Efficient Bed Bug Detection & Inspection

Get the Comfort & Peace of Mind You Deserve!

Incidents of Bed Bugs are on a high rise as their number is increasing significantly over the past few years. Toronto holds the #1 rank of the Most Infested City in the Canada. The reason behind this is the overly populated hotels, hostels and shared housing. If left to spread, a bed bug infestation can become impossible to control as these pests are difficult to kill. Moreover, they reproduce at an astonishing rate.

Within weeks, a single bed bug can result in an infestation colony of hundreds. This is why we recommend early detection and inspection. At Boss K9 Detection, our trained K9’s are dedicated to helping our clients confirm the presence of bed bugs early with advanced detection services. Our dogs use the power of scent to detect live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.

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K9 Bed Bug Inspections

When you call us, our team along with our trained dogs will visit your place to inspect the area. Our dogs use the power of scent to detect the bed bugs and their eggs.

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