How Much Can You Sue For Bed Bug Infestation

Lady Wins $100,000 Bedbug Lawsuit Against Red Roof Inn

I’m sure most road warriors have either dealt with bedbugs before, or at least had a bedbug scare when staying at a hotel. While I don’t envy hotels for having to control for bedbugs, they do also have an obligation to make sure they’re selling clean rooms. So it sucks, but that’s the business they’re in.

The Washington Post has a story about a lady who had bedbugs in her room at a Red Roof Inn near Washington DC, and ended up suing the hotel over it.

She stayed at the hotel for one night in January 2014, and woke up itching, finding her arms and hands covered in welts. She then found bedbugs crawling under the blanket:

“She was completely disgusted,” said her lawyer Daniel Whitney, of Towson.

In the lawsuit, Belle claimed that the Oxon Hill motel had previously found bedbugs in guest rooms and treated infestations. But the hotel did not check that Belle’s room was free of bedbugs before it rented it out to her, the lawsuit claimed.

So the hotel had previously found bedbugs and had treated them. But they apparently didn’t specifically check to see if this guest’s room was free of bedbugs (or perhaps didn’t have a proper protocol in place to consistently check rooms).

Amazingly she was awarded a $100,000 settlement for the bites and subsequent distress! Not surprisingly, Red Roof Inn disagrees with the ruling:

In an e-mailed statement, a Red Roof Inn spokeswoman said Thursday that the company “disagrees” with the jury’s award and “plans on exercising all of its rights related thereto.”

I guess it should come as no surprise that the guest’s attorney is a n ambulance chaser bedbug chaser:

In Maryland, Belle’s lawyer — Whitney — has become known locally for filing dozens of lawsuits that seek a total of millions of dollars in damages related to bedbug cases. He said most of his cases are against apartment building owners and managers who the victims say were negligent in dealing with infestations.

Whitney has become known as the “bedbug attorney.”

Bottom line

I can see both sides here. I’m generally as pro-consumer as they come, though in this case:

  • Clearly the guest didn’t suffer to the tune of $100,000
  • At the same time, I’m all for hotels being “punished” for negligence
  • At the same time (yet again), it sounds like the hotel had treated bedbug problems in the past, so it’s not like they were ignoring it altogether

But goodness, $100,000 in damages for one instance of bedbugs!

What do you make of this ruling?

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Obviously making noise helps. And writing in complaints to management. Works with airlines too 😉

Ask your boy Matt to explain the concept of punitive damages to you. Also, a good documentary on tort litigation is Hot Coffee:

The guest certainly didn’t suffer to the tune of $100,000. However, the bedbug problem is such a major one, hotels need to be fined exorbitantly to take the problem seriously and take proper action – this hotel obviously had not. It’s not about the guest suffering for $100k, it’s that for anything less, hotels would rather pay a couple thousand to not have to properly take care of the problem.

I’m sure this lady complained to the hotel prior filing to the case but she has been disregarded therefore she went to the curt to show the hotel(s) that they are obligated to keep the rooms clean otherwise they have to pay 6 figure fines. The $100k is definitely more than her damages but I think about 50% of that money goes directly to the lawyer as a success fee.

While I don’t believe that this one instance should have awarded the woman $100,000, I do believe that it took something like $100,000 to make the hotel learn. Bedbugs are totally unacceptable in any occasion.

First problem she encountered was staying at a Red Roof Inn…

She should be fined for staying at a Red Roof Inn. 🙂

Speaking from personal experience, I wouldn’t even think about taking $100k over having bed bugs. Given attorney fees, I’d say anything less than 2x to 3x would be fair.

Those that are saying she didn’t experience 100k worth of suffering have never obviously had experience with bed bugs.

It’s a horrible, horrible thing to deal with.

Wow, lots of legal experts here in the comments.

Insofar as I can tell from the lawyer’s website — lots of really gross pictures, by the way — and from the Washington Post, there were no punitive damages here.

Let me nevertheless give you all a hint from the land of legal reality: there’s every chance that the verdict will be reduced on appeal. Still, you can never be sure.

It will be interesting to see what eventually happens, assuming that the actual end result (likely a settlement) is even publicized at all.

Lucky, do you check for bedbugs in every hotel before you settle in? I do, religiously, and recommend everyone do. Bedbugs travel through your luggage to your home, and once there takes months, if not more, of dedicated work to eradicate, since they’re pretty resilient to lots of things, including cold, pesticides, etc. And, I would have lots of trouble sleeping if I actually woke up and saw bugs on me.

In short, $100K sounds on the low side to me.

Anyone who thinks $100k is too high is someone who has never experienced the horror of having bedbugs. Hotels need to be fined huge amounts so that controlling infestations is cheaper than not doing so.

I had an unfortunate experience with bedbugs in an Airbnb this past Bastille Day in Paris. On my first night staying in a studio in the 2nd, my friend and I discovered a bedbug scurrying across our bed. Luckily, we saw it before we slept in it…however, when we called Airbnb, they told us to throw away our suitcases, pack up all of clothes in garbage bags and go to a hotel for which they would cover up to $175 a night. Well, it was Paris, and it was their 4th of July, and it was 11:30PM, so finding a hotel that was decent for under $200 a night was near impossible. We ended up at a place that was around $275 a night, lost all of our clothes that couldn’t go through the dryer, our suitcases and other possessions because we didn’t want to risk the bedbugs. In the end, we were out about $1,000, plus spent a day in 100F heat laundering all of our clothes and shoes. It was a learning experience for my friend and I, and I highly doubt we will ever stay at an Airbnb again (not that hotels don’t have bedbugs, but at least hotels will protect you, and if they don’t, you can sue them, whereas suing Airbnb is near impossible). Oh, and for the record, upon searching, that specific Airbnb is still able to be rented in Paris. Never put your suitcase on the bed (or tables/chairs for that matter), and ALWAYS inspect the mattress when first going into a hotel or Airbnb.

Red Roof Inn is actually Red Rash Inn…everyone knows that. That’s why I don’t stay in them!

@Lucky: What have been your experiences with bed bugs? You’ve travelled enough to have some sort of idea about them. Even the best hotels have to deal with them.

For that matter, how does everyone else handle them? I’ve been very fortunate to not have encountered them (yet) and do always worry that I’ll end up having to at some point. I spend more time on the road than I do in my own bed, so this is a great concern to me.

$100k sounds excessive to me, but at the same time, I’d be almost worth $100K to me to avoid bedbugs.

betterbub said exactly what I was thinking. If she had only been awarded a couple thousand bucks (which was probably the cost to her for replacing her clothing and luggage, etc. as well as any medications needed) they probably wouldn’t have done anything about it. But after a cost like this, they’ll probably do the right thing temporarily and fumigate the whole building.

I think the issue people have when they see things like this is that it’s going to a single person. Had it been a $100,000 fine by a health regulator people would probably say it’s not enough.

1 – bedbug is horrifying, we the fragile generation need compensations for any negative mental or physical experience otherwise we cannot sleep or work or function.
2 – the $ amount sought is based on how much the lawyer would feel to make his fees out of the case, the nature of case is irrelevant
3 – another dog-bites-dog between lawyers and corporations, with consumers as medium.

Bedbugs are not only in hotels……I was bitten in a rental car….in Canada….and I have no idea how one might check for them in a rental car….

Serves the hotel right.

@Bonnie: Oh, how I wish you didn’t say that…I’m heading to Canada in 2 weeks…and renting a car… my skin’s crawling just thinking about that.

Hotels do not bring in bed bugs, other guests that stay there with you do. Just like schools do not bring in lice, students do. It is hard for hotels to contain something that their customers continually drag in. But the maids should inspect each bed before giving the vacant clean okay. Unfortunately with bedbugs they are not always visible and can hide in the mattress itself. Plus they are hard to kill.

hotels should incorporate innovative cleaning practices and use the right type of bed frames (glass, metal, slippery legs) i think steaming, ironing the bed regularly is very important, they can also install monitoring stickies under the bed frame. I am sure this will increase the costs a lot but this problem is serious in their business. They could also give instructions to guests on not put their suitcases on the bed, not to put their clothes on the bed and such.

I have just experienced a bed bug infestation from a Red Roof Inn and I hope I get 3x’s what she got. I bought them home from vacation and I am stil scratching and itching like crazy. I am up all hours of the night from these things welts all over me, like somebody beat the s**t out of me. I have diabetes and now I am off my schedule for taking my medicine. I have even caught two of the buggars crossing my comforter. So you know that went in the trash along with alot of other stuff. So how much should I be compensated for THE FEE OF THE FILTHY ROOM.

100 k is nothing compare to the pain and suffering that she probably went thru. My 6-year-old son was attacked severely by bedbugs. 7 months later, he is still suffering scaring and had developed skins infection and bad scarring from them. He is traumatized from that experiences. Every time we drive by a hotel he asked is that the hotel where the bed bugs were crawling on him. I have been the worst experiences ever. 7 months later and we still dealing with doctors, specialists, and medical treatment to get rid of the infection and the scars.

I have had an experience with bed bug’s horrible ! 100 K imay not be enough in some cases ! I’m now so paranoid that I much rather sleep in the car than in a motel or hotel ! After 5 weeks most of the marks are still there ! If anyone has never had beg bug bites , they have no idea of the amount misery . Linda G.

hotel where I live is infested with lice and bed bugs and the management refuse to do anything about the problem. I move into this hotel on the first of February and two days later I was infested with both lice and bed bugs bites. I have been to the emergence room and it was confirmed. they treated me and I went back to the same as the manager refuses to do anything. so I have been infested and reinfested since about the third of February. I was forced to call the city of San Diego environmental and code enforcement and was given a case number. please help me and if you cannot direct me in a direction where I may find it.

2015 I was bitten by bed bugs I need a good lawyer please call me at 904-428-2923

What is the number of a good bed bug lawyer? We got them in Rockport, TX in May and it has cost us over $1000 in medicine, sprays, exterminators, new vacuum, continuous washing and drying, bagging up everything in my closet and put in black bags in the garage. We are scarred on our arms and now our entire house is infested because we thought it was mosquitoes in the gulf coast area. I am exhausted, 73 year old woman who now has to postpone back surgery until I can get rid of them. I am in agony in more ways than one. Please respond with a lawyer to [email protected] .

Why are governments not doing more to educate the public? The public are unknowingly spreading them through their ignorance and stupidity.

All hotels, transport and public areas should be forced by law to have a bedbug policy and to adhere to it.

Bedbugs are evolving so fast that they are becoming immune to pesticides. You can’t kill them anymore.

Avoiding them is the best solution – which takes education.

OK you guys want to hear a horrifying story? Last year my mother rented a motel room for a month. About 4 days into her stay I went to visit her, and to my surprise she was in bed sick. She said it felt like the flu. I noticed bites on her arms, face, ect. I witnessed the motel maintenance ask my mom if they have seen any “black spots”, or bugs. She said no, and when he seen the condition she was in he high tailed it out of her room. Long story short she was sick and when brought up to the lady at the front desk, they were kicked out of the room two weeks in. After researching all her symptoms we came to the conclusion she might have lyme disease, about 6 months later. After visiting with her doctor she was diagnosed with lyme disease. She had sores all over her body so bad she secluded herself in turn caused depression and anxiety so bad shes contemplated suicide. Well a year later her skin is scared, yet she actually goes to the store. Shes not the same person who checked into motel one year ago. I want to contact a lawyer do we have a case.

I am renting a room at the Super 7 in Twin Falls ID and over the course of the past 6 days I have either gone to sleep or been on my laptop and I would wake or find Bug bites on me and would see black dots and flat bugs crawling across the bed sheets I informed Management of the issue and was givin a different room but somehow I do not think that the issue is resolved as i am still being bitten even after washing my blothes and spraying my luggage with bleach and or Lavender so any advice would be Most welcome not sure if I should report it or not as I fear of being Kicked out without a place for me and my Fiance to go

I feel like the amount that was awarded was definitely justifieble. Unfortunately, alot of people are going through similar situations, and aren’t being taken serious enough. I’m so happy she won her case, because these Hotels are charging us an arm and a leg for their rooms, and we’re not getting the service we expect. We’re expecting a clean, safe room a home away from home, but instead we’re being taken advantage of. I use to be a house keeper and they never wash the comforters on the beds unless there is visible evidence of that they’re not clean. Just so everyone will know this happens in the most expensive hotels also. They’re not going to wash every comfotor,every time a guest check out unless you specifically ask for it, or never allow it to touch your body.
If you think about it, just imagine what all happens on top of those comforters, and we’re thinking they’re clean but in all reality there could be, semen, blood, fecal matter and no telling what else on it, but we’re trusting the company and think it’s clean. Some people probably lay their babies on top of the comforters, or lay on top of them ourselves so we won’t mess up there bed. I just cleaned the rooms like they told me to, although I thought how they had us cleaning the rooms were just disgusting . So when I go to a hotel, I know what to look for and what to do so it will be clean and sanitized for me and my family. These Hotels just want their money, they don’t care about the turnover rate of customers and the sanitization of each room.
She should’ve sued and got compensated way more.

How to Sue a Hotel for Bed Bugs

They’re icky. They’re itchy. They make you want to burn everything you own.
They’re bed bugs and if you have them, you’re likely miserable to be around.

And if you got them from a hotel, you’re probably feeling a bit litigious
right about now. You want to know whether you can sue a hotel for bed bugs–the bites and the monsters you accidentally brought home.

The answer is a resounding "Yes!"–but not everyone will be successful.

Suing a hotel for bed bugs comes down to whether you can prove negligence. You’ll need to show that the hotel either failed to properly deal with a known infestation, or that it didn’t appropriately inspect the premises.

This could be difficult becausebed bugsare difficult. Sufferers know that they take forever to kill, and that one lone bug could repopulate your entire home. Even consistent monitoring can fail to turn up a new infestation.

And what if no one told the manager they had been bitten? Some would suggest that hotels have a legal duty to inspect. But the reemergence of the pest is a relatively new phenomenon, which means courts may disagree.

If you manage to find enough evidence that the hotel ignored or improperly monitored the bed bug situation, you can probably file a lawsuit. If a lawyer won’t take your case, consider small claims court.

Bed bugs are expensive little monsters, so you’ll likely seek reimbursement for the following:

  • Medical bills
  • New luggage and clothing
  • A home inspection and any treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Temporary lodging

Compensation for pain and suffering is also an option. Think of all those sleepless nights and the itching. And your newfound fear of hotels.

So, sure. Go ahead and sue a hotel for bed bugs if you’re absolutely sure it’s the source of your bites and/or infestation. And for those currently living in fear, find a bed bug dog to ensure that you didn’t bring them home. They’re the best thingsever.

If you decide to sue the hotel, you’ll want to talk to an experienced attorney beforehand.

Apartment Bed Bug Lawyer – Sue a Landlord for Bed Bug Bites

The answer is yes in most cases, if the situation is right and the proper evidence is gathered you can sue your landlord for a bed bug infestation. You will have the most grounds for a lawsuit when the landlord had been prior notified about a problem but consistently fails to resolve the issue.

In this case you can sue your landlord for both monetary and non-monetary damages sustained.

Our team of specialists can help you file an apartment building lawsuit and sue the property owner for your injuries.

We connect you with experienced and licensed lawyers in your state that know the laws regarding bed bugs and apartments.

The following are a few frequently asked questions that our team gets asked regarding apartments and bed bugs:

  • Can I sue my landlord for a bed bug infestation?
  • Can I sue the apartment building owner for bed bugs?
  • Are apartment building owners liable for bed bugs?
  • Are landlords responsible for bed bugs?
  • Is the apartment complex liable for my bed bug infestation?

In these cases there are many factors that need to be considered related to whether you have a case. We’ll connect you with an experienced apartment bed bug attorney who will discuss the details of your case free of charge.

Before you move forward with legal proceedings, it’s very important that you understand what to do when your apartment is infested with bed bugs.

Bed Bugs and Your Apartment

Bed bug problems are becoming more and more common in apartment complexes and apartment communities.

More than ever it’s extremely crucial for both tenants (potential victims) and landlords to understand these creatures and what needs to be done to eliminate or prevent an infestation.

Bed bugs are no longer a rare case, chances are you or a loved one have been impacted by bed bugs on some level in the past.

Since the year 2000, bed bugs have remerged as a notable pest in North America. Bed bugs are typically introduced to a new apartment in the following ways:

  • Crawl through cracks of walls/ceilings from an adjacent apartment
  • Carried via luggage or other personal belongings
  • Carried from somebody’s clothes that were previously infested

If you think you see a bed bug in your apartment try and capture it in a full proof container. Take the container to your landlord or apartment manager to confirm that it is indeed a bed bug.

If you cannot capture one of these insects you should call a bed bug professional to do a formal inspection.

How do I Remove Bed Bugs from My Apartment?

Before you do anything to remove an infestation, it’s best to alert the building manager right away (preferably by phone or through a written complaint).

In some housing a manager coordinated by a professional bed bug control unit would be needed because bed bugs can spread from apartment to apartment.

If one apartment is infested, the adjoining units (both left and right side, above, and below) will be vulnerable to an infestation. It is important to do more rather than simply asking tenants whether they have bed bugs.

These creatures are extremely good at hiding (especially during the day) so it’s important to do a formal inspection.

In a recent bed bug survey – only HALF of residents knew or admitted they had a bed bug problem in their unit.

Treatment is very labor intensive and can take many hours per unit. It may also take multiple visits depending on the following factors:

  • Level of infestation
  • Size of the unit
  • Resistance to pesticides
  • Time of the infestation

What Are My Responsibilities as a Tenant?

As mentioned above, your first responsibility is to report the suspected problem as soon as possible. Once an appointment is made for bed bug treatment, it’s necessary to prepare the apartment accordingly to makes your personal belongings are not damaged.

Don’t move anything to other apartments during the treatment, that could risk spreading bed bugs to other units and possibly reintroduce an infestation to a since treated apartment.

All loose items (especially things on the ground) should be double bagged and moved off premise.

Clutter makes it more difficult for pest control groups to inspect all parts of the apartment, providing more areas for these insects to hide and go unnoticed.

Before bringing these items back to your apartment and should make sure all items are cleaned appropriately.

For example, all clothes need to be washed and put in the dryer on high heat multiple times to ensure they are clean from any living bed bugs.

They should specifically be dry cleaned, washed in hot water, or tumble trying for 30 minutes should kill all stages of bed bugs.

Here are a few other action items and to dos when it comes to preparing your apartment for bed bug control.

  • Even though bed bug infestations focus on bedrooms and living rooms, all food should be put away from any dining areas.
  • Instead of throwing out your mattress (which may have been very expensive), buy a bug proof mattress encasement.
  • Vacuum couches, chairs and recliners
  • Empty all drawers and night stands prior to treatment

It’s critical. To cooperate with the apartment building management and with pest control professionals to ensure bed bug control.

Once fully established, an infestation can be difficult to control especially without the help of apartment tenants.

Can My Landlord use House Staff to Treat Bed Bugs?

In some states (Texas for example), pests need to e treated by a licensed pesticide applicator.

Unless the apartment employee enters your home to control bed bugs is fully licensed and certified, this could technically be illegal.

Illegal activity by any unlicensed professional includes the use of over the counter pesticide removal (or other potentially toxic chemicals), heat treatments or any other non-chemical method.

This includes not only bed bugs, but any control pests that are similar such as fleas, cockroaches, rats, mice, etc..

Now that you know what to do when your apartment is infested with bed bugs, lets take a step back and understand what bed bugs are.

Bed Bug Details & Facts

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on blood from humans, they are nocturnal and tend to hide during the day. Bed bugs will build up their nests while their victims sleep and prefer dark and damp areas.

These insects are skilled at hiding and migrate to spots with little foot traffic that are not exposed very often.

Bed bugs can be identified by their musty, unsatisfying smell, where droppings or bed bug shells have been shed, small eggs, or droppings.

Typically, these insects are a dark brown color and have flat bodies, however when they feast they tend to swell and become more rounded.

How Do I know If I was Bitten By Bed Bugs?

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell right away that you were bitten. There are instances where these bites don’t show up for weeks after the incident. They actually have an antiseptic in their saliva that prevents victims from feeling pain at time of the bites.

They’re also able to feed on your blood for minutes at a time because their saliva also contains an anti-coagulant that prevents blood from clotting at the spot of attack.

These bites have the following traits:

  • Will show up as welts, bumps, or blisters
  • May show up in a zig zag pattern
  • Often times you’ll have bites that are three in a row
  • They can show up on any part of your body

There are cases where people reported allergic reactions to the bites. If you’re curious whether bites are from bed bugs or fleas, pay attention the pattern of the bites and level of irritation.

Flea bites can be much itchier in the short term while bed bugs typically last longer on the skin.

Bites can show up instantaneously or sometimes not until days after the incident occurred. Try not to scratch these bites as they can fester and turn into sores.

Are Landlords responsible for Bed Bugs at their Properties?

Absolutely – Landlords are responsible for bed bugs especially if the infestation was present already before you moved in.

Landlords are required to clean all units and maintain a safe living environment for their tenants. Otherwise they may be liable for breach of many laws and legal duties.

If you were bitten by bed bugs are are curious if you are eligible for monetary compensation you will need us to connect you with an experienced bed bug attorney who can guide you through the process.

Do Landlords/Property Owners Have to Disclose a Bed Bug Infestation?

Yes indeed they do – Landlords must disclose bed bugs if there are newer tenants or if there has been a history of bed bug infestations.

If there were numerous lawsuits against apartments that the landlord is involved with they may be required to let you know.

If there are any current hazards present you do have a legal right to be informed about it. If you are not informed, you reserve the right to sue for failure to disclose something that is habitable housing.

How to Sue Your Apartment for Bed Bugs?

You’re eligible to take the following steps to suing a landlord or apartment owner for an existing or past bed bug infestation (as long as it’s within the statute of limitations).

To accelerate your case and increase the changes of a successful lawsuit you should take the following steps immediately following a bed bug incident.

  • Seek immediate medical attention for all injuries. Make sure they are properly treated so that you can begin the recovery process.
  • Take pictures or videos of your injuries
  • Try and locate the origin of the infestation (ideally the nest) and take pictures making it clear that you’re in the apartment
  • Keep a copy of the lease agreement
  • Hire a certified pest control specialist eliminate bed bugs from the room
  • Double bag your belongings and make sure everything is cleaned accordingly
  • Report the problem to your landlord or Property Owner
  • Contact us to ensure you can get connected with a lawyer who can help.

It’s very important that you move forward with a bed bug lawsuit so that you are not denied compensation for your injuries.

Landlords will often times try to cover up the situation and withhold rent or security deposits when you try to break the lease. If that occurs your landlord could be in major legal trouble.

You should see that the landlord compensates you and deducts the costs associated from your rent.

Establishing Landlord Negligence

In most situations there are a couple main elements required in order to effectively establish negligence in a bed bug lawsuit.

There consists of the warranty of habitability laws and breach of duty. You’re able to file a premises liability claim against the owner if you prove they knew about bed bugs are decided not to take the proper measures to eliminate them.

In some cases the tenant brought in infested furniture or the infestation from his/her belongings, if this was the case you would not be able to file a bed bug claim.

Compensation Available from a Bed Bugs in Apartments Case

There are situations where bed bug cases can be worth over $200,000 ins compensation for medical expenses and physical injuries.

Situations where all of the apartment’s furnishings from a furniture store need to be replaced will increase the number of the overall judgement.

Landlords need to pay to exterminate bed bugs that a tenant has not yet introduced.

As long as you’re able to prove that bed bugs were present prior to moving in, you should be able to get compensation for your injuries and lost wages.

Let our specialists help you find a lawyer that is licensed and specializes in bed bug infestations in apartment or hotel cases.

We will proceed with discussing you case and reviewing your eligibility to receive compensation for. Your injuries.

Fill out the form below and get in touch today!

Can I Sue A Hotel For Bed Bugs?

Hotels have a responsibility to protect guests from dangerous conditions, such as bed bug infestations. However, hotel guests sometimes discover too late that the hotel has a bed bug infestation. If you sustained bed bug bites or took bed bugs home from your hotel, contact the bed bug attorneys for a free legal consultation to discuss your bed bug case and legal representation regarding potentially suing the hotel for your damages.

There are certain aspects to consider before you can sue a hotel for bed bugs, including liability and the kind of damages for which you may be eligible to receive compensation. With a better understanding of whether or not you have a case, you can work with an experienced and knowledgeable bed bug attorney to help you seek compensation and guide you through your case.

Here are some things to take into consideration if you want to file a lawsuit against a hotel for a bed bug infestation.

Responsibility Of Hotel Owners

Hotel owners have a responsibility to make sure that bed bugs do not occupy hotel rooms along with guests. If you stay at a hotel in a different city or even a different state, you may assume that you cannot sue the hotel because of not living in the area where the hotel is located. However, hotel owners typically have a responsibility to protect against bed bug infestations no matter the location of the hotel or where you actually reside.

USA Todayexplains, “Hotels have a responsibility to keep you safe under common law,” and that bed bugs are indeed a risk to the personal safety of guests.USA Todaycontributor Christopher Michael also points out, “It is reasonable to expect hotel staff to clean, fumigate, disinfect and exterminate any known infestation of bedbugs.”

When hotel owners fail to protect against bed bug infestations, the result is that hotel owners can indeed potentially be sued. This is true whether you sustain bed bug bites or you carry bed bugs home, causing an infestation in your home.

Risks Associated With Hotel Bed Bug Infestations

A University of Minnesota report notes that whenever you are away from your home you are at an increased risk of coming into contact with bed bugs. This is true even if you spend just one night in a hotel.

Some hotel guests check the mattress and box springs for bed bugs. Perhaps you wonder why you woke up with bed bug bites or now have a bed bug infestation in your home because bed bugs hitched a ride home with you even though you checked the bedding.

Bed bugs can go a considerable period without a blood meal, perhaps patiently awaiting your arrival at a hotel. They hide very well, in both wooden and upholstered furniture, in the space between the hotel bed and wall and even inside electrical outlet and switch plate covers. Once you go to sleep, bed bugs feast on your blood. They have the ability to crawl into your luggage, resulting in a bed bug infestation in your home.

Types Of Damages You May Be Able to Recover Due To A Hotel Bed Bug Infestation

You should not have to suffer losses incurred because of the negligence on the part of a hotel owner to prevent bed bugs. This is a relatively growing problem that will be extremely common in the future, similar to self-driving car accidents or issues with alternative food sources.

Recoverable monetary damages may include losses such as costs associated with medical expenses, lost wages, professional extermination, replacing furniture, luggage, carpet, and personal belongings, in addition to other potential damages.

Non-monetary damages in your hotel bed bug case may include pain and suffering, embarrassment, psychological stress from itching and other effects from bed bug bites, fear of going to sleep or fear of staying at another hotel.

Consulting with an Attorney to Sue a Hotel for Bed Bugs

If you believe you have suffered from bed bug bites as a result of negligent hotel management, you may be able to seek compensation to recover these monetary and non-monetary damages. The best way to determine if you have a case and can sue a hotel for bed bugs is to consult with a bed bug attorney. With a qualified attorney behind you, you can get the representation you deserve and benefit from an experienced professional who can guide you through the process.

Contact the experienced bed bug attorneys to determine if we may be able help you with your bed bug case caused by the negligence of a hotel owner.

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I been in the hospital for bed bug I need a lawyer for. At the hotel call town homes suit

I went to California with my family last Wed. We stayed at the Crown Plaza in San Pedro. After the second day, I started noticing itchy mosquito like bumps on my arms and side. I thought nothing much of it. Then 3 of my kids started getting the same looking bumps. The next day was worse. I thought maybe the hot tub was the problem. So we all stayed out of the hot tub. I looked for bed bugs and didn’t see any. Our bites look just like bed bug bites, and are itching us like crazy!

We stayed at the new Orleans hotel and casino on friday, Saturday and Sunday. April 27,28 and 29. On april 27 my husband and I went to bed. He slept all night but after laying in bed about an hour I started itching and it kept me up all night. On april 28 when it was first ally light i got out of bed and saw there were bed bugs all over the bed. Both my husband and myself had bites. They moved us to another room but i did not sleep much i kept getting g up to check the bed. I itched all night. The hotel was not very helpful the manager tried telling us they were fleas and sent us away. I lost sleep and was so afraid to sit anywhere. They did hear great out luggage. Hope that keeps them away

So I was giving 1 days notice.. To check out! 8 months of work no day off my room has had and does have bedbugs bad I even showed my boss big bug! No tips… No pay just work 8 or more hrs clean 10 to 19 rooms I stayed in room for just trade… But my first 2 months I paid full price 70$ a day for scars bites… My brother passed away while I was here I heard news he came over everyday, they used me and kicked me out because my daughter came be… Not over nights I abided by all rules, I love my job helped me through my mom, brother, Gma, passing my brother and moms ashes are here bad anxiety of bugs, never knew what bed bugs where.. I looked awful my body scared face legs it’s sad… Not homeless w nothing… Help plz…. Stormy

I would luke to talj to someone about hotel i just woke up 2nd night and im iching and have bits …qhat do i need to do

My friend is currently homeless until we get a place here soon, he has been staying in the regal inn in Kirkersville ohio, I just spent the night with him here and woke to find bed bugs on me. All of his belongings are with him. We have not confronted the front desk yet. What steps should we take and do we have any legal ground to at least get a refund on the stay

my name is leah and i am staying at the tower motel and there are two different rooms here that have bed bugs and i am afraid that me and my family who have been here the last 7 months are going to get them if they are not taking care of them right away. it doesnt seem like the are doing their job as a motel to get rid of them. what am i supposed to do. help !

I moved in to this place I was homeless had money was working trying to buy a home i had never seen bed bugs ever in my life now I have lost a job and am homeless and infested with bugs in my car and camper it’s so very iratating and embarrassing not to mention hard to get work now

Found bedbugs on my hotel room at Aquarius hotel and casino Laughlin. I was was told the security could only file a report if we were bitten! Didn’t stay the night of course and left to search for another hotel in the middle of the night.

Me and my wife stayed at the Hilton in Marietta Georgia for our anniversary And had to complain about being bit by bugs I took pictures and have proof of bed bug bite on my wife and their was someone else hair in shower,

I stayed at a Drury in on July 24 checked out the next day I was itching but thought maybe it was mosquito bites but my grandkids are full of bites thought it would be gone by now but the itch is unbearable what can I do

i have been living at the hillside motel in walkerton for about 9 months in the past month i have showed the owner the bed bugs and they have been in this motel ever since i moved here they just were not in my room untill the past month or two the owner has been telling me that he was gonna take care of it and he has not

I was at the mirror motel room and recorded bed bugs bite s and requests a refund but was denied

I found a bedbug in the hotel on my grandson’s pillow. We put it in a bag. This place must be full of them.
What must I do?

Is the hotel responsible
for bed bugs if this was the first time bed bugs were reported in the hotel room & the hotel
immediately corrected the bed bug problem

My family spent last night 8/25/2018 in a hotel in Canada and we were bitten all over our body. We took pictures of the bed bug bites. Would you be able to help us to sue the hotel? Thanks a lot!

Good morning my name is Tyrone I stayed in a hotel the couple of weeks ago where I sustain bed bug bites and brought them home it was in my car I have video of the bed bugs in my bed and video of the bikes that I sustained the hotel only wanted to compensate me for 50 dollars for my pain and suffering I need to know if I have a case

Got bit by bed bugs at the extended stay in jacksonvill have pictures of the bugs and bites

I work at a hotel and brought bed bugs home the hotel isn’t really taking the infestation serious at all

I rented a room for a week at the cost of 228.00. The first night i was bit and reprted it but they said nothing coukd be done til monday .there were no rooms to move us n didnt want to refund our money. Well i called monday about the extermination and was told not til tues it would be exterminated and id get new bed dressers and sofa well i took there word and i was grtting bit still and reportes it and they said i xouldnt recieve a refund after five days but they put off the dates by not exterminating as soon as report was made.

Stayed at hotel one night woke 5 times that night..very uncomfortable when I awoke in a.m noticed red welts on my skin…informed staff of this called me stupid people…when I went back home went to clinic doc said they do look like bed bug bites and I had developed cellulitis I do have pictures of a few.
So knowing this contacted health unit they contacted hotel , was informed hotel for room cleaned out out proper prevention on mattress and fumagated room. There’s nothing they can find then where did these bites come from when I was nowhere else but there?

Hello my name is Lynette Hayes, and I would like to have your staff to contact me at 337-6020059 in regards to my stay here at regency inn and suits on cypress station road houston tx. About bed bugs I actually was bitten by while sleeping and refused a refund by management.

Deborah Copeland. I am staying in a room with bed bugs at the custom stay motel in thief river falls mn . I am being bit up and management don’t want give us a new room . they want us out totally as we had some thing to say.

I know of two motel/hotel establishments that give mattresses away to non profit organizations for needy families.
The Great Wolf Lodge at Grand Mound WA. allow their employees to take items home that have been removed from rooms that have been heat treated. The mattresses find their way into apartments and infest them.

Bed bug in motel 6 in Palmdale ca been here 2 weeks got bit number of times we my son found it in my bed we also catch it please help me we told them and they are still renting the room out

What about a beach house rented for a weekend?
It was infested, we were bitten. They gave admitted infestation. Now can’t sleep worrying about if any came home with us or our guests. I’m constantly looking and having panic attacks.

I read ur article is very informative about the bugs

Yes I stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas from November 29th through December 6th. On December 6, I experienced itching and redness in the buttocks area and on right leg. Went to urgent care on Monday because the itching was getting worse. I was diagnosed with having been bitten by bed bugs.

I stayed at the Ponce De Leon Hotel in downtown St Petersburg Florida for 6 days I intend to stay a longer if the hotel owner can make me an offer to compensate me for my damages.

Two nights ago I woke up and there was blood on the sheets I couldn’t understand why until I realized that I was itching from being bit by a bug if either stayed one or two days I would never known that I have been bitten buy a bug at this hotel but after several days it became obvious that I was itching more and more with each passing day

So I would like some suggestions on how to proceed. Especially do the whole time Hotel owner is uncooperative. Then I want to open up a can of whoop-ass on him

My recent stay at red roof Inn was biten several times now it is spreading all over my ears back and neck feel like I have infection in my entire body

I was bit by bed bugs in a hotel in Flordia the hotel does not have insurance to cover my damage. I have had a attorney working on it for 3 years.

What if you stay at a Stay Lodge hotel and there are bed bugs and some of the rooms

The whole story,
I’m a travel nurse in florida.
I was staying at a friend’s mom’s house un til he got jealous and ran me out. So I got a hotel room.
Well a week or so later,
I got lbites all over my body. I didnt think Bed bugs at first. I actuall yhought it was a eash or alletgic reaction to the detergents the hospital usrs to wadh the scrubs we wear at work.
Well it got worse so I went to a doctor. We talked about scabies and bed bugs. She treated me for scabies. The patterns of bites didn’t appear like either. But she seemed to think it was bed bugs.
That same day I approached the management at quality in in st.petersburg 34th st.
I showe

rom my hotel. Quality inn. The house keeper didn’t seem impressed.
They already moved me to another room once. 3 weeks ago I found a live one this morning. When I came home i found a bunch of dead ones on the matress.

I’ve spent $445.00 at the doctor for pills ,cream and a rectal probe. I thought the probe was a bit extreme, but the doc assured me it’s normal practice

I have one more week here then I’m out. I don’t want to find another place. But I feel they should comp me some thing. I’ve paid in full.
$ 2840.00.

Can I Sue My Landlord for Bed Bugs?

Eviction Process and Laws in Georgia

Bed bugs are tiny pests that infest virtually all organic matter, including mattresses, clothes, carpets, upholstery and draperies. The bugs are notoriously difficult to exterminate, so tenants in apartment buildings and similar facilities get understandably concerned when the bugs are found. If a bed bug problem is bad enough, some tenants consider suing the landlord. This is possible in most cases, but many lawsuits for bed bugs fail.

State Regulations

It generally is possible to sue a landlord for bed bugs in every state. However, every state has different regulations when it comes to lawsuits involving the problematic pests. For example, in New York, Governor David Paterson signed the Budbug Disclosure Act. This law requires landlords to disclose a one-year history of bed bugs to prospective new tenants. Laws such as this sometimes support a tenant’s rights to sue. An attorney for your state can tell you exactly what regulations would help your lawsuit.

Proof of Infestation Source

Even when state laws support a bed bug lawsuit, in most cases, a court looks for evidence of negligence on the part of the landlord. The court wants evidence that the infestation was the landlord’s fault, or that the landlord knew about the problem and didn’t take sufficient steps to remedy the issue. Landlords who get sued generally make a case that the tenant brought the bugs with them into the dwelling. If no one else has complained, tenants often lose their case.

The Time Issue

Bed bugs can live for months without food, and they can survive in the smallest cracks and crevices, according to This means that attempts to remove bed bugs from a dwelling often are unsuccessful. Even so, when faced with a potential lawsuit, many landlords offer to try extermination. As the landlord and tenant wait for the results of the extermination process, the initiation of a lawsuit often gets stalled. If you want to sue, it’s usually better to proceed with the lawsuit instead of waiting for extermination, as there is no guarantee the extermination will eliminate the problem.

The Bottom Line on the Bugs

You usually have a right to sue your landlord for bed bugs. However, it’s unlikely you’ll win unless you can prove that you weren’t the source of the problem. Because you probably cannot do this, you should not expect your landlord to comply with requests for alternate housing arrangements, release from your lease, payment of moving fees and similar items. To accommodate you in this way makes the landlord appear as though he is accepting liability, and most landlords don’t make this mistake. You may have a greater chance of winning if you put formal complaints in writing to the landlord prior to the landlord. If the landlord doesn’t respond to these complaints, you might have a case for negligence.

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