How Much Does Bed Bug Pest Control Cost

How much does pest control service cost?

In many cases, a mouse trap or a can of bug spray won’t do the trick when you want to get rid of pests in your house. That’s when it’s time to call in the pros.

Of course, professional pest control isn’t free. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars to hire a pest control service for a one-time visit to kick out the termites. But by reading this guide, you can ensure you’re not overpaying (or even underpaying) for pest control.

The nationalaverage cost for pest control was $170 as of January 2018, with a general range of $100 to $270. But what you’ll end up paying for pest control might be lower or higher, depending on what type of pests you’re trying to evict and how often you’re getting the service.

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Pricing Factors

Protection against common household pests like spiders, roaches and ants is usually a standard component of a pest control program, but controlling pests like termites and rodents will increase the price because more advanced products and methods are needed.

Pest TypeAverage Cost
Carpenter AntsStarting at $500 for initial spray
(plus cost of physical labor & any repairs).
Termite ControlStarting at $1000 for initial spray
(plus cost of physical labor & any repairs).
Termite Inspection$75 – $150
Bats$250 – $500
Bees$200 – $500
(for treatment only, not removal).
Bed Bugs$200 – $400 per room
Cockroaches$300+ for initial treatment
Fleas$150 – $300
Ticks$150 – $300
Wasps$200 – $500
(for treatment only, not removal).
Mice & RatsStarting at $300
(for treatment only, not removal).
Carpet Beetles$250+

How does frequency affect the cost?

The frequency of service also will determine the price you pay for pest control service.

  1. Aone-time visittypically costs around $300 to $550. Why is the price so high? It takes time to assess the situation, such as where the pests are entering your home and where they’re living once inside.
  1. Aninitial visitgoes for $180 or so. An initial visit is the first one in an ongoing contract. As with a one-time visit, an initial visit will demand some sleuthing to figure out what your pest problems are.
  1. Aperiodic visitcan happen every month, every two months or every three months. Here are the average cost breakdowns for each kind of periodic visit:
    • Every month: $40 to $45
    • Every two months (semi-monthly): $50 to $60
    • Every three months (quarterly): $100 to $300

    Some pest control arrangements, such as quarterly contracts, might include a free treatment if a problem crops up between regularly scheduled visits

    Where do home size and product types fit in?

    Other price factors include the size of your home and the type of pest control products that are used. In terms of the size of your home, bigger usually means pricier. So, chances are pest control for a 3,000-square-foot house will cost more than it does for a 1,500-square-foot condo.

    Some exterminators charge an extra $25 for every 1,000 square feet over 1,500.

    As for the type of products that are used, you’ll likely pay more for pest control service if the company applies products that are eco-friendly, according to Anti-Pesto. Furthermore, products to treat one kind of pest might be more expensive than products to treat another kind of pest.

    Does location matter?

    Anti-Pesto says pest control prices don’t vary greatly based on geographic location, but there are exceptions.

    For instance, a wealthy neighborhood likely will have a lot of large, expensive homes, so pest control costs could be higher there because there’s more territory for a pest control company to cover in one of those homes.

    Most pest control companies operate in standard service areas, so no travel fees should be assessed within those areas. However, a homeowner outside the standard service area or in a remote location might be charged travel fees to make up for additional time, mileage and transportation costs.

    How can I find the best price?

    As you should when buying a car or a house, you should shop around to see what the prices and reviews are for pest control in your area. One of the best places to start your search is online. Websites such as HomeGuide have amassed millions of reviews from homeowners and bring you free quotes almost instantly. This way, you can compare local pros and make an educated decison quickly. Also, hit up your friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues for recommendations on reasonably priced, top-rated pest control services.

    Most pest control companies provide free, on-site quotes for their services. You should seek bids from several businesses before making your final decision.

    Anti-Pesto says you should look out for pest control providers that will nickel-and-dime you for services like retreatments. In almost all instances, retreatments should be free and covered under a company’s service guarantee.

    In addition, watch out for companies that charge extra for same-day or next-day service. Anti-Pesto says this a warning sign that the company’s pricing might be unfair. Whatever you do, don’t rush into a decision.

    “When most people discover a pest problem, they want the problem eliminated immediately. However, most problems can wait a few days so you have time to select a competent, reasonably priced company,” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says.

    How important is price?

    Value is a key factor when hiring a pest control company, but quality is a big consideration, too, according to the EPA.

    Can I negotiate the price?

    Some pest control companies will strike a bargain with you. For instance, a company might match the price of one of its competitors in order to win your business.

    What should I avoid so I don’t get cheated?

    Not every business is upstanding, so it’s wise to be on your toes when you’re in the market for pest control services. Here are a few things you should avoid, courtesy of the Better Business Bureau and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

    • A deal that sounds too good to be true. Rely on your common sense to separate unrealistic deals from normal ones.
    • A person who comes to your house uninvited and offers a free pest inspection or pressures you to buy pest control treatments. That person very well could be a scam artist.
    • A pest control business whose phone number isn’t listed or isn’t working.
    • An offer to combine pest control services with other services, such as home repair or tree trimming, as part of a package if you immediately agree to have them done.

    What should I do before signing a contract?

    Before signing a contract for pest control, you should be clear about the price being paid, the services being covered and the existence of cancellation fees, Anti-Pesto says. Also, you should ask whether the contract is automatically renewed every year.

    The contract should include the name of the company providing the service as well as its contact information. Any promises made by the pest control provider should be put in writing.

    “Be sure you understand what the company will do if pests continue or come back after treatment,” the Better Business Bureau says, “and how long it will take to implement the treatment.”

    What should I ask about the business?

    The EPA says things you should inquire about when choosing a pest control company include:

    1. How long have you been in business at your current address? The answer will tell you something about the company’s stability.
    2. Can you give me a list of customer references? If the company won’t provide one, that’s a red flag.
    3. Will the person performing services at my home be certified or licensed? The answer will help indicate how professional the company is.
    4. Can you show me a copy of your pest control license, copies of the labels of the pesticides you use and a rundown of how the pesticides are applied? An unwillingness to come up with these documents should raise suspicion.

    Pest Control Cost Guide 2020- Pest Control Prices UK

    Pests can pose a serious hazard to your health. Find out more about the common household pests and the average pest control cost in this guide.

    Pests can invade your premises at any moment, causing damage and a lot of stress. If you are looking for professional pest control services the following guide will help you find out more about the pest control prices offers by various pest removal companies.

    Common household pests

    Here’s a list of the very common family and garden pests to watch out for:

    Rodents :Rats and mice need to always gnaw to keep their teeth filed down and could cause damage to furniture, fittings and electric cables; they can even cause a fire by ruining cables and wires. The are also many health risks carried by rodents. For instance brown rats carry 13 different kinds of parasites and illnesses including salmonella.

    Bedbugs: Because bedbugs are small and as flat as a piece of paper, they can fit inside any crack or crevice, which makes them extremely hard to eliminate. Bed bus feed mostly on blood.

    Bees, wasps and hornets: These insects may be difficult to identify, so you ought to hire a pest control specialist, as there are specific guidelines you have to follow when dealing with bees, which are important for pollination. Hornets and wasps, however, are more aggressive and you may need to have a professional pest controller to remove it.

    Cockroaches :These bugs are quite common, especially in crowded housing environments. They are able to carry diseases and like to hide in wall and ceiling voids, rubbish or furniture. It’s essential to maintain a tidy home and garden to prevent any cockroach infestation.

    Ants :Ants are a common garden pest which may also invade your house. However, ants are comparatively easy to get rid of with using an excellent powder.

    Moles: This pest can severely damage your garden as they tend to create their own enormous network of tunnels and prefer to eat mostly insects instead of garden plants. A pest control professional will probably use traps to get moles, as many poisons are now prohibited.

    Squirrels– Squirrels can cause a great deal of damage, chewing through insulation, woodwork, wiring and pipes. They may be aggressive when challenged and carry diseases – you’ll need to rent a professional to cope with squirrels.

    Pest control treatments

    The potent treatments and powerful chemicals, available to the professional pest controllers, constitute another great benefit. Such products and services will offer better results compared to the chemicals and treatments that you can purchase from a DYI store. People who want a permanent protection for their home can also consider the fact that such services deliver preventative treatments over the period of time proposed by the homeowner.
    What are the main problems that you need to consider during the winter season?

    Considering the fact that various types of bugs and insects can enter your home during the summertime, it is quite possible that you will host some of them during the winter season as well.

    Even though many homeowners believe that insects will normally go dormant during the cold season, this is not necessarily true. Some of them find the necessary resources to survive and thrive during the winter season by hiding in various places of our homes.

    Regardless of the climate conditions, you should know that your home is not totally safe from creepy critters. Some of the most common places where various insects may hide in your house are the wall voids, the places where you store old items, in your basement and in the places where there is moisture.

    The bedbug is practically the most common nuisance in the last couple of years, since it is a real danger for homes, hotels, and offices everywhere. This insect is not as vulnerable to cold temperatures as we thought it was, according to some recent studies.

    Every homeowner should practice preventive maintenance to avoid pest infestation in their houses and yards. Here are a couple of practices that you can implement to protect your house against pests.

    Seal your property

    Sealing your property during the winter months will not only help you save money on energy bills, but it will also help you keep unwanted pests away from your house. Some of the best methods that you can use to reduce the entries through which bugs can enter your home are caulk, stripping and spackle. Bugs can also access your home through a draft, so make sure you solve this problem as well. Replacing broken window screens and installing screens over the vents and chimneys of your home are also great practices that you can use to keep the pests population under control.

    Take care of your yard

    Pests may be attracted to various things from our yard, so make sure you maintain it properly. Woodpiles should be stored at approximately 25 feet away from the house to prevent termite infestation. Rodents love the leftover produce of a garden, so make sure you eliminate it as soon as you can before the winter sets in.

    Always clean our home

    Make sure you wash all the plates after eating and keep your kitchen clean all the times. To get rid of the insects that might be hiding in your carpets or furniture, you need to vacuum at least one time per day. Use plastic containers to store various items, such as clothes or dry goods.

    Beware of bed Bugs

    Studies have shown that these insects do not hibernate during the cold months. To remove the bed bugs from your home efficiently, the best idea would be to request the assistance of a professional exterminator. It is practically impossible to get rid of these insects by yourself, and it is why it is important to call a trained professional as soon as you recognize such a problem in your house.

    Common Pest Control Methods

    There are a number of ways to remove pests, such as fumigation, using traps and poisons or relying on more natural methods.

    Traps and poisons

    The idea of using traps and poisons to get rid of pests may not sit comfortably with everyone – after all, they are not the most humane method available if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, if it is done in a professional way, it is an effective pest control method that shouldn’t be overlooked. Some devices such as the traditional mouse trap can seem brutal, though some pest control specialists use traps that capture the animal and then they release it safely elsewhere.

    Many bugs can be killed off through the use of chemical sprays but for the quickest method of pest control you should consider investing in anelectric zapper trap, which will do the work for you. However, these are not effective at killing off serious infestations and pesticides are still often the best method to use in these cases.

    When hiring a professional exterminator who uses pesticides, ask them if the chemicals they are using comply with the Control of Pesticides Act 1986 and the Control of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulation 1994. This will ensure the chemicals comply with the relevant government legislation and are safe to use.


    Fumigation is only used for the most extreme infestations. In these cases the property is sealed off and a gas is pumped in, designed to kill all the pests. This really is for the most serious infestations and is fairly expensive, yet thoroughly effective – you will probably need to leave the property for a few days in this case. The cost to fumigate a house increases depending on the location as prices tend to be higher in bigger cities and in particular in London.

    Average fumigation cost:£120 –£160

    Biological Control

    This is a way of reducing the number of pests on your property without the guilt associated with laying poison traps or the use of chemicals. Biological elimination works by introducing predators into the natural environment to hunt the pests in a natural manner, providing ecological balance and harmony to your property. This is best suited to large areas of lands and although somewhat effective, it won’t entirely remove a pest problem.

    Removal of habitats

    This is an easy and obvious way of removing pests – taking away their habitats or whatever it is that attracts them to the area. For instance, a pile of rubbish may seem to be a bountiful feast to a pack of rats – removing it will mean they won’t have food and will have to re-home themselves elsewhere. Rubbish should be kept in sealed or inaccessible containers to prevent rodents picking through them, as well as stopping flies or other insects from gathering.

    Warm and damp environments will attract termites and other insects, so look out for cracks or leaks in the attic and make sure the drainage is working properly outside the house. Another hotspot that attracts animals is underneath your shed where there is a gap to allow air circulation and to prevent the wooden floor from rotting. Pests will often nest here and the best way to stop them is by setting up a wire screen around the bottom of the shed

    Pest Control Prices (Fees)

    It’s difficult to establish an average pest control cost as private company rates vary.

    Pest Control ServiceCostWhat is included
    Wasp controlFrom £55Price of one nest only.
    Bedbug treatmentFrom £140Three spray treatments cost:

    £140for a one bed property,

    £180for a 2 – bed and

    £210for a three-bed house.

    Ant controlFrom £100One spray treatment with a six or eight week guarantee.Flea controlFrom £80One spray treatment with a six or eight week guarantee will definitely cost:

    £80-£100for an one bed property

    £100-£120for a two-bed and

    £120-140for a three-bed

    Cockroach treatmentFrom £120This is the cost of a single treatment for a one- bed house. For each extra room add another £20 – £30.Rodent ControlFrom £120Cost for four treatments.Mole treatmentFrom £90Cost of two treatments, depending on how many mole hills you can find in your garden.Squirrel pest controlFrom £100Two visits plus squirrel proofing will cost£175MiceFrom £120The cost included two visits and bait box collectionBird ControlFrom £60This the cost for inspection and quotation.

    Know that the pest control prices offered will vary based on:

    • Where you live
    • The kind of pest you are required to get rid of
    • The scale of one’s infestation
    • How many visits you need
    • Which pest control firm you hire
    • How large your home is

    Cheap pest control ideas

    It is a good idea to try and get cheaper pest control services through your local council. Underneath preventing Damage by Pests Act 1949, each council is obliged to control the rodent population in their own region.

    However, councils differ inside the services they offer; some may possibly just deal with certain kinds of pests, for example, so you ought to contact yours for guidance. In the event you’re a private homeowner in addition, you might not qualify for whole pest control services from your own council. There are some other ways by which you can reduce the pest control cost, including:

    • Mouse trapscan be purchased at relatively cheap prices from a range of hardware shops; raw bacon and peanut butter make particularly good bait compared to the traditional option of cheese.
    • An ant infestation can be destroyed by applying amixture of sugar-and-boraxaround the perimeter of the home; the sugar attracts the ants, and then the borax chemical acts as a poison. Some homeowners, however, findhot waterstraight from the kettle can be just as effective.
    • If you run out of insect spray to get rid of any flies or wasps that can’t find their own way out of a room, fear not –hairsprayalso works just as well.
    • Garden pests such as slugs – which often attack your more delicate and beautiful plants – can also be killed by covering them in a small amount ofsalt.
    • If you’re looking for a more humane, preventative method, then you might want to regularlylay down grapefruit halvesaround your most precious flowers.
    • If you’re worried about flies or mosquitoes in the hot summer months, you can alwaysstick up protective netsaround the porch, veranda or even conservatory – as long as there are no holes in the material it should keep them from being a nuisance for a pretty long time!
    • To prevent insects from gaining access to the home, you should alwayskeep a tidy gardenand make sure plants (other than pots or baskets) aren’t placed too near to the building; that way there will be little reason for creepy crawlies to venture that close to the home
    • Maintaining a clean and tidy homeindoorsis very important as insects and smaller creatures such as mice frequently use clutter and mess as shields to hide behind.
    • If you’re still having trouble, you shouldcheck for any small holes or cracks in the wallswhere pests might quietly gain access to the property.

    London Pest control prices

    Large cities like London can become more prone to pest issues and unfortunately, like most things in London, pest control costs will also be greater than it really is inside the remainder of the nation. London pest control services will even charge differently depending on the: i) the level of infestation ii) the size of the infested property iii) the type of treatment and iv) which are you live in. To help you understand the cost of pest control in London, we have created a table that indicates the prices for on residential treatment.

    PestsOne BedTwo BedTree Bed
    Bed Bugs£100-£120£120-£160£140-£220

    You might also want to check the following guide for more information

    Hiring a pest control professionals

    It may be tempting (and cheaper) to address pest control yourself, but it’s safer and much more humane to hire a specialist. Qualified pest control specialists will be able to spot pests correctly and know which treatment approaches to use. Get at the least three quotes before you hire; all pest control companies should perform a free review and provide guidance – be constantly aware that you could need greater than one treatment to remove pests completely. Check that the pest control professional covered, is qualified and has good references. You may want to consider someone registered having a trade association including the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) or even the British Pest Get a handle on Association (BPCA).

    Pest control quotes

    You should get a couple of quotes from a professional and be aware that pest control prices will vary depending on the type and size of the infestation. A professional should be able to give you a ballpark figure about the pest control cost for the work beforehand.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Basically, you are advised to spray the perimeter of your home with liquid insecticide once in 3 months (90 Days). However, for homes that has pest population based on experiences in the past or for people living in environment with intense heat, spraying should be once in a month (30 Days).

    Fumigation is application of chemical fumes to disinfect a home already infested with bugs, termites and other insects. It takes about 3 days to fumigate dry wood termites while it take 4 days to successfully fumigate beetles. Remember to remove food and medication from the home before fumigation.

    Find an alternative place to stay for about 4 to 5 days
    Lock the house but open the room doors, cabinets, drawers and close
    Tightly seal every food item and drugs or remove them from the home that is to be fumigated.
    Rake off gravel and dirt.
    Remove plants and pets

    Monthly pest control may be necessary for homes with high pest population. If you have had high pest infestation previously, you need monthly pest control. If your home is located in a location with intense heat, control every month is advisable.

    Pests aRe capable of making you sick and unhealthy, infest your food with poisonous substances and destroy properties like textiles and furniture. Pests like cockroaches, begs, mice and many others spread germs and therefore must be kept away from home.

    Pest control involves the use of chemical fumes that are toxic to human. You are advised to stay away from home for about 3 to 4 days after the chemicals have been applied.

    You are expected to leave the home and surrounding for some few hours. However, you should read the instructions on the insecticide you applied for other things to do after fumigation

    Yes. Tenting can kill off colonies of dry wood termites but cannot kill subterranean termites because tenting method of termite fumigation cannot kill termites that enters the home through underground tunnels.

    How Much Does a Bed Bug Exterminator Cost?

    If you’ve noticed signs of bed bugs in your home, it’s time to consider contacting a bed bug exterminator. Prices may vary from business to business, though. While do-it-yourself methods may seem to be cheaper, they may not always work and may end up costing more in the long run. That said, it’s important to recognize the benefits of professional pest management. When vetting exterminators, consider their treatment options and make sure they’re flexible enough to align with your needs. Here are some elements that can determine how much a bed bug treatment may cost.

    Cost of a Bed Bug Exterminator

    So, how much is bed bug extermination? Costs vary depending on treatment and environments. Some homes need more extensive, hands-on operations, while others only need a one-time treatment. Additionally, a preference for non-toxic solutions may also impact your cost. Not sure if professional treatment is for you? Terminix technicians can conduct a FREE bed bug inspection. From there, you can decide whether to proceed with the recommended treatment. Likewise, Terminix offers FREE follow-up treatments. If bed bugs return, a technician will return to your home free of charge during the warranty period.

    Treatment Options for Bed Bug Extermination

    Non-toxic methods can include theRapidFreeze® solution. This method makes use of carbon dioxide, which is then converted to dry ice. Upon contact, this compound can freeze insects, including both eggs and their nymphs. This method can still be fast and effective but keeps customer preference in mind. In addition to the RapidFreeze solution, Terminix also offers other effective treatments to meet the needs of each home. These can include steaming, heat, vacuuming and trapping monitors. You’ll want to make sure that your exterminator is using the best method for your home. Experience can also be a good sign that your exterminator knows what they’re doing. For example, Terminix has been helping homeowners tackle termites and pests for over 90 years. Our customers can vouch for our knowledge and success in treating infestations.

    Benefits of Hiring a Bed Bug Professional

    With so many DIY treatments, many people overlook the benefits of professional extermination. According to theNational Pest Management Association, 84% of professional exterminator requests for bed bugs were actually a different pest. In fact, 71% of cases were fleas and 28% were cockroaches. Terminix technicians are trained to recognize differences in pests, know the common hiding spots and identify signs of infestation. Additionally, exterminators have access to effective treatment options that aren’t sold commercially. As so, they have the skills needed to successfully and safely apply these solutions in your home for an effective treatment.

    Schedule Your Bed Bug Extermination

    Many people stray from the professional route when they are researching bed bug exterminator costs. Average homeowners may choose to attempt extermination on their own instead. If methods are unsuccessful, infestations may worsen. As so, it’s important to let the professionals step in right away. Byscheduling an appointment with Terminix, a trained technician can help you achieve more success. With robust knowledge and unparalleled experience, they can help keep your home free of bed bugs.

    Ticks vs. Bed Bugs: The Big Difference

    You never want to see a tick on your body or a bed bug in your home. And especially when it comes to the latter, seeing one usually means there are others around. On the surface, ticks and bed bugs might seem similar: They are both pests that like to bite and feed on blood. But in fact, there’s more than one difference between these two creatures

    Cleaning Tips to Help Prevent Pests in Your Home

    A messy home can cause stress, health issues and, worst of all, bugs. Pests like to enter homes and cause chaos for the unsuspecting homeowners. The best way to prevent pests inside is to have a strong treatment plan and a spotless home.

    Asian Longhorned Beetle

    The Asian longhorned beetle is an exotic pest that has threatened a wide variety of hardwood trees in North America. It originated in China and Korea, most likely hitching a ride inside solid wood packing material from China to the United States. The Asian longhorned beetle was first detected in Brooklyn, New York, in 1996 and has since spread to a variety of states, including New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts.

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    Do mosquitoes bite dogs? Both humans and dogs are vulnerable to mosquito bites and disease. Find out how Terminix can help protect you and your pets.

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    Ticks vs. Bed Bugs: The Big Difference

    You never want to see a tick on your body or a bed bug in your home. And especially when it comes to the latter, seeing one usually means there are others around. On the surface, ticks and bed bugs might seem similar: They are both pests that like to bite and feed on blood. But in fact, there’s more than one difference between these two creatures

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    Telling the difference between a tick vs. a bed bug can be difficult. But Terminix is an expert on both pests and can identify and help get rid of them

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    Terminix announced its 2019 ranking of the top 50 most bed bug-infested cities in the country.

    How to Stop Itching from Bed Bug Bites

    Wondering how to stop itching from bed bug bites? Bed bug bites are one of the reasons that these pests can be a nuisance. While not everyone experiences symptoms, many people suffer from bothersome itching sensations.

    How Much Does Bed Bug Extermination Cost?

    Bed bugs are common household pests, but they are notoriously difficult to remove.

    Bed bugs — tiny insects which feed exclusively on blood — aren’t picky about where they live. They don’t need to eat for months at a time, resulting in resilient little creatures which thrive in environments like hotel rooms or dormitories, and are happy to come along for a ride in your luggage.

    Once these bugs have taken up residence in your bedroom, they’re difficult to find and remove. Here are some of the best methods and costs for exterminating bed bugs.

    Worried about bringing bed bugs into your home? A professional exterminator offers tips on how to prevent the pesky pests.

    Getting rid of bed bugs

    Watch the following video to familiarize yourself with how bed bugs are removed.

    DIY bed bug removal

    If you think you have bed bugs, you must first find them. Bed bugs prefer dark, warm places, such as the nooks and crannies of mattresses, under the edge of wall-to-wall carpeting or cracks in drywall.

    How to locate bed bugs?

    Start by grabbing a flashlight and searching your bedroom; this means taking the sheets off your mattress, turning it on end, turning out all drawers and dressers and thoroughly checking the edges of your carpet for any bugs. You may see the occasional egg on its own, but the live bugs like to congregate.

    Once you’ve found the bugs, you need to remove them.

    How to get rid of bed bugs?

    First, use rubbing alcohol to kill any bugs or eggs you can see — once the alcohol touches them, they die.

    Next, launder all clothing and bedding in the room. Using water above 120 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the bugs. For items you can’t put in the washer, try wrapping in plastic and laying out in the sun. After a few days, the bugs will be dead.

    Once you’ve killed the obvious insects, vacuum and steam clean your carpets.

    You can also use retail insecticides, which you can find at most grocery and hardware stores for less than $10, to help get rid of the bugs. Be on guard, since there will likely be hidden colonies the sprays won’t reach.

    Hiring a professional for bed bug extermination

    To completely rid your home of bed bugs, hiring a professional exterminator is recommended. Most states require their insect pros to be licensed, but be sure to ask how long any contractor or company has been in business and if they’ve ever dealt with a bed bug infestation. Experience with ants, termites or beetles isn’t the same — bed bugs present a unique challenge for any exterminator.

    Also, look for a company that uses the integrated pest management (IPM) approach. Instead of relying entirely on pesticides or chemicals, IPM uses a combination of chemical measures, preventive measures, and sanitation to improve efficacy and limit environmental impact.

    How much does it cost to professionally remove bed bugs?

    For a full bed bug removal, expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500, depending on the method you choose and the experience of your exterminator. Most will charge you a fee for consultation, which includes visiting your home and doing a thorough inspection.

    Don’t be shy about asking questions as they move through the home. Reputable contractors should be willing and able to explain to you what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how they’re going to treat your problem. Some also offer or refer dog services, employing specially trained dogs to sniff out evidence of bugs.

    Professional pest control companies may offer several treatments to meet your needs. Spray pesticides are still common — the Environmental Protection Agency lists more than 300 products for mattress, room and whole-home elimination.

    Some companies also use a more high-tech version of heat treatment, which involves specialized equipment used to heat your home above 120 degrees and kill bugs everywhere they hide.

    As a side benefit, other harmful bacteria and mold can also be eliminated using this treatment. Although you will have to leave your house during the heat procedure, it will not cause damage to your property or possessions.

    Structural fumigation is your last choice; this involves completely tarping your home and evacuating it for several days. During the process, gas is released to permeate every inch of the house, including behind walls and under floors.

    If you choose fumigation, make sure to pick a company that is licensed to use these highly volatile chemicals. They have very specific handling and use requirements.

    Getting rid of bed bugs is challenging. But with the right treatment plan in the hands of an experienced professional, your home can be thoroughly cleaned and protected against further infestation.

    Editor’s note:This is an updated version of an article originally posted on June 20, 2013.


    How much cost for bed bugs heater.

    I am 55 and never had bed bugs. Now they are everywhere. MY BUG exterminator quoted me 700.00 a room, I have 12 rooms in 4000 square foot house and there is no way I can afford that.Bed bugs are driving us insane. We talk about constantly, we are always buying stuff to try and kill them. I Am not kidding they have brought depression, anxiety and worry. We have grown sons that we are keeping out of our home surely these bugs from Satan and I see no end in sight.What was life like like before bed bugs

    I am a property manager. I’ve seen it all. There is no cheap way to get rid of bedbugs. The longer you wait and try "cheap" methods, the more eggs are laid. Your best bet is to hit them hard with either heat treatment or full fumigation asap. Anything else just wastes your time, money and gives them more time to enlarge their colonies and make you miserable. Also–frankly–you can lose friends over this. If your friend came over and ended up ferrying one to their house.

    Does someone who has had infestation to the point that they had to throw furniture away. Would they ever be bedbug free. My daughter recently went on a 4 day vacation they stayed in a pretty clean , expensive resort, in the same weekend a friend who had bedbug issues in the past spend the night with me.. She also gave me a bag of girls clothes for my girl which I did washed but I don’t remember if I unloaded in her bed first. The following week after this my girl gets 2 bites in her leg. Thought it was a moskito bite, than couple of days later another bite in her forhead. I stripped the bed and there it was an adult bb.. I washed everything and let her stayed in my bed. Than I felt itch in back of my neck I can’t see so did not think anything of it. I washed everything with hot water but missed pillowcases.
    I informed the landlord and schedule a K-9 to come . They found 1 in my pillow, bed.
    Now Im confused where it might have come from. From my friends house, or hotel. My friend slept in my bed I slept in my daughters.
    Family she travel with don’t have any issues. My thought is it came in the closed my friend gave me or when she spend the night. 🙁 could they come from boxes since I clean my closets and took out few boxes with book that went to good will.
    Now its going to cost me about 1500 to fumigate with heating room method.. Which after reading comments that bugs keep coming back with DYS methods is going to be the best option..
    I just hated.

    I’m so emotionally drained from this problem it’s taking over my life. I would see a bug here and there crawling on me when I was sitting on my couch late at night, thought nothing of it. One night while laying in bed I looked up what bed bugs looked like and right away realized they were what I saw on the couch. Jumped up and tore everything off my bed and found a few. Freaked out and refuse to sleep in my bedroom. Purchased a steamer and spray because I can’t afford the high cost of an enterminator. A friend of mine had them and helped me clean my little brothers room because he had TONS of bites on him and his room was the issues. I found hundreds of them in his room. Wrapped his mattress up, got rid of his bed frame and vacuumed and steamed every inch of his room. He’s seen a few since. Did the same thing with my couches. Steamed, vacuumed, sprayed. Saw 3 today. I’m trying to hard. Still have to do my room and my moms room and it’s so much work. I don’t know what to do. I’m physically and emotionally drained. I’m afraid to sleep. I won’t go in my bedroom. All I have is a mattress wrapped and I just can’t bring myself to sleep in there. Been sleeping sitting up in a chair in my living room. I check the couches every night and everywhere around me. I put my blanket in the dryer every night. I’m going to have to steam and spray every day. I just want to move but it’s so expensive and my mom can’t afford it. These things are relentless. I just wanna set my whole house on fire. I’m just so tired of thinking about these damn bugs 24/7. I get that they don’t carry diseases and I can’t allow myself to think of gettinf bit up all night. I’ve read so many things on how people have gotten rid of them and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I wish exterminators weren’t so expensive so I could just get rid of them. I’m half tempted to try to take out a damn loan to pay for this mess!

    Did you resolve your bed bug issue? If not what city do you live in. I’m a professional applicator and can treat a house for cheap. I am my own boss, so no middle man to take all the profit

    Been dealing with this issues for years!! Moving doesn’t help unless you throw away your whole house including your clothes. I tried that. Bought a house and we are still battling this issue. My son gets them from his grandmothers house. It’s so frustrating. I’ve finally decided that I’m going to call an exterminator. At least I will know that they are gone. Tried sprays form the store and other inexpensive methods but a few days later the bugs are back. I’m so tired of fighting this battle. Exterminator is my last and final option. It will be worth my piece of mind. And I’m tired of my babies getting bit up. Good luck!!

    You seriously sound just like me. I caught a two tiny ones in my sheets two days ago and I went into panic mode. Threw out furniture, vacuumed, sprayed everything, and washed, still washing everything. I’m going crazy because no matter what I do or how much I do, I feel its not enough. This is the first time I have ever dealt with such an issue and I’m going crazy! I want to set my house on fire too, if I could. I still haven’t went into my bedroom after I cleaned it. I even called orkin to come out and inspect the situation free of charge. I don’t know what to do either. I’ve been suffering for the past few days. What ended up happening, what did you do? Did everything work out ok, Samantha.

    Hi. I am a pest control technician that often deal with bed bugs. I will give you some info on how to deal with these nuisance. First you will want to check all your furniture, mattress, ceiling edges, baseboards, etc. Check for any black dots as these are droppings and you will want to treat wherever they may be. They will most likely be located wherever the host is but in some cases(severe infestation or when tenants using sprays that repel the bed bugs), they can be on furniture, on the ceiling, inside outlets , bed frames , under baseboard moldings, kids toys, drawer, etc. First of all, you will want to buy products that are most effective against bed bugs. There is a product called bedlam, it come in a aerosol can. You will want to spray this alongside seams of your mattress, your frame , alongside baseboards, and whereever you suspect them. For outlets and a for a longer residual, you will want to also get a product with silica gel or diatomaceous earth. This comes in a dust form so you will also need a duster. Put the dust in cracks and crevices especially outlets and frame. Wash your clothes and any blankets, sheets pillow casings in hot water and dry in hot temperature. You can also steam alongside the mattress edges to kill any eggs. Make sure you move at a slow pace because it takes only 5-10 sec in temp above 135 to kill but if temp is 110-120 it will take a while longer. A typical bed bug treatment will cost anywhere between 150-1000 depending on type of treatment, the pest control company, and severity of infestation. If you happen to rather choose a pest control company, don’t use the big companies because I know all of the technicians are not reliable. If anything go on yelp and find a local company that has a good track record.

    I have told my landlord in several occasions about my bedbug incident. Yet he brings me steamers chemicals to do it myself and get rid of them the harder i try the more they produce. They are gone for a couple days but then appear again, Sometimes don’t have the time To repeat three treatments in a week. Any suggestions.

    I have just found out i have these freaking things. Its aweful and no matter what cant get rid of them just a temp solution ansd there they are again. Well if i were you i would check the laws in your state. YOU LANDLORD in most cases if you were not the cause of the bedbugs is responsable for cost of extermination. I would inform my landlord of the problem. have an exterminator OF YOUR CHOICE do inspection so your landlord cant have a buddy blame you. Find out if possible where they originated and go from there if your state laws say he has to pay. Call an attorney. Good luck. as i am now going through this myself.

    Tell your landlord to hire a pest control or contact the housing department. Your just creating more work and sooner or later they will pretty much live in other locations. Why most of the times pest control bed bug treatments are ineffective is because owners or tenants buy products from home depot and spray everywhere leading to some chemical resistance and relocating the bed bugs.

    I never thought that I could have bsd bugs. At first I noticed what seemed like hundreds of bumps on my arms. I thought it was an allergic reaction from something I was using. Then a few days later I actually saw a bed bug scurrying across my sheet! I freaked out and started tearing the bedding off. I alerted my landlord and left a message on his voicemail. Days go by without any response. So, finally 5 days after initially alerting him I call again. His secretary tells me that the bed bugs ARE NOT THEIR PROBLEM and to CALL THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Are you kidding me?! I was so shocked at what I was hearing. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t afford an exterminator and am at a lost as to what I should do. I would have thought that AT LEAST he would provide us with an reputable exterminator, but nothing! Apparently, it’s not their problem. Like others mentioned, I am becoming paranoid. I feel things crawling on me, but when I look there’s nothing there. I stay up all night to avoid the bed and reduce the amount of time that I have to sleep. It ridiculous. How can this not be the landlords problem? It’s his building! What if the whole damn place becomes infected? I bet he would care then, or maybe not.

    I promise your story sounds like mine. I thought I was allergic to something until seeing one and finding out what it was. I stripped everything immediately. Sprayed, vacuumed washed everything in hot water. Embarrassing bites all over my arms that itch like crazy. I ha e been notifying my landlord for weeks and she has yet to acknowledge the issue. I’m at a loss here. I have e never experienced anything like this. That phantom crawly feeling. I don’t sleep well. I need help that doesn’t cost a thousand dollars. The crazy part is we would see them before in the wall or carpet but had no idea what they were when we first moved in. I have had to deal with a lot but this is by far the worst.

    Which state do you live in

    What does a bed bug look like cuz my husband found a bug on me that was flat but big like a roach. I have bite marks all over me that itch and burn bad the only thing that helps is calmine lotion and toothpaste. Can someone please send me a picture of what these Lil basturds look like.

    They are a tannish brown color nearly translucent if they haven’t eaten, which is what we first saw in carpet or on a wall from time to time but thought was a strange bug from outside or something. After they feed on you they are red, like blood. Adults are the size of an apple seed, which is very visible to the eye. When you kill them they will either leak bloom, if they fed: or black ink looking liquid, if they have not fed.

    They resemble a roach but smaller more apple seed like google has pics the bites burn for days sometimes longer

    About 6 months ago a family friend gave us a beautiful sectional couch. I was so grateful- could never have afforded to buy something like that. Of course now I know why they gave it away! It is infested with bed bugs. I am so embarrassed! I don’t want anyone to know and I have been making up excuses to keep my family from visiting. The couch came from my sister’s mother-in-law so it might not surprise her. Thank you all for posting your stories. I don’t feel so alone anymore. We cannot afford an exterminator so I am going to try some of the do-it-yourself suggestions. I’m not getting my hopes up though, as many of you have tried the same things with little success. I am going to try to get that gigantic, beautiful couch out of here so I can watch it burn!! My sister is going to ask questions when she sees the charred remains and the empty living room. I guess I will have to tell her. Ugghhh! I am overwhelmed by this entire thing. Wish me luck! I wish you all the same!

    I’m so upset. My sister has been ill and lost both her sons in a short time. Her and my nieces came to stay with us for a while and now I have bed bugs. They bit my oldest and my 6 month old. I had to throw away my couches. I’ve been in my house 14 years and never had this problem.

    After living a year in my apt. Got to renew my contract for another year..but after two months I found i out had bedbugs and the manager said that I will have to pay for the exterminator which is $800. is it true that I have to pay for this. don’t know wat to do..

    I assume you are in MA, but maybe not. Different states have different rules. I believe land lords are required to deal with the problem in MA, but it may depend on your exact situation (how many apartments are there in your building?). If talking to your landlord hasn’t gotten you the help you need, call your local Board of Health and find out what they are required to do by law.

    All I did was visit a friend A little over a month ago he had got a new apartment and wanted me to check out. I ended up chilling over there for most of the day went home in the evening the next day I noticed I was itchy and had some bite marks on my legs. I called and asked him that he had or see any books. He said no and that he was bitten by anything nor was he Itcy! So a week goes by and no my old bug bites were going away but I was getting new ones I had a bite so bad on my on that I had to be put Scott in a biotics because it was giving me an allergic reaction. I put two into together I never went back over the friends house from when I previously so I automatically assumed then I must’ve definitely brought something back home with me. I watch some YouTube videos and so on and started to check room!! I couldn’t believe it I found six bedbugs I just torched them with a lighter collected them and flush them down the toilet. Now like I stated that was over a month ago I’m sure that the sixth and I found I’m not the only ones that are in my house and even after doing that I’m still getting that my 13-year-old still sleeps in the bed with me and he has absolutely no bites or no it’s not they seem to only be biting me! I’m really considering purchasing the steamer in trying that method. I am a single-parent and definitely don’t think I can afford an exterminator at the moment. Any suggestions

    As an exterminator for the past 11 years, what sickens me the most about these pests is the high cost of their (successful) elimination. For those of us in the profession, it costs us approx. $100 to $300 to treat a 3-bedroom house, and this includes labor, supplies, heating equipment, chemicals, etc. Yet the company I work for (cannot disclose here) charges anywhere from $1,200 to $1,800 at bare minimum. I can tell you first hand that pest extermination companies make a killing off of these little critters, but it is heartbreaking how so many working class & lower class incomes cannot afford even the most simple treatments offered today. It makes me feel guilty, as I know the "secrets" of the industry, and how we are practically ripping-off homeowners, renters, hoteliers, etc with our prices. all because bedbugs are such a rising problem right now. What’s worse it how it impacts simple things such as hotel nightly rates (do you think owners just flip the bill & eat the costs themselves?) and rents, making affordability very hard for many. I wish my company would just lower the cost of bedbug treatment to what it really costs to get rid of these insects, so more people could afford it without going into debt. I do not feel very moral with this, or how the system is run.

    I got got these bugs from my bf’s daughter when she moved in. I immediately called Terminex as I’ve heard how bad they can become, I wanted to nip it in the but. They charged me 2500 to heat my home. A month later my son found them again. I called them back, they sprayed his room. Next thing I know, they moved to my other son’s room. Terminex told me it took longer to heat than they thought so I assume they didn’t allow it to sit long enough. Fast fwd almost 1 year later. I moved my son out of his room and have treated it myself. Idk if they’re gone. I have yet to move to back in there. I’m so disgusted paying all that money, cleaning everything not once, not twice, but four times and still unsure of they’re gone. I tried to solve a minor problem by quickly nipping it in the butt but I’m the one who was duped. Single mom just trying to keep her home safe with little money and no patience left. Word of advice: don’t choose Terminex.

    If you know how. Why not share the names of the products that are inexpensive enough forr poor people like me that can’t afford it. Help!

    You posted a year ago that you work in the industry and treatment for chemicals, etc. is $200-300. I have been to Home Depot and used their products which don’t seem to work. Can you divulge what chemicals your company or any other company uses to exterminate BBs? would very much appreciate your response asap. thank you

    Hi I.have a Friend who.was quoted 650 and a monthly fee until the process is complete are there any recommendations you might have that could help her out ty in.advance

    I am a single parent of three small children and can’t afford to have an exterminator. Please let me know a few things that I can buy.

    Since u just stated that it takes $100-300 us to actually fix the bed bug problem yet said company’s at charging $1000 plus. can u tell us, not so experienced people, who do have the ‘bed bug’problem. what EXACTLY we can buy/rent to do similar procedures to our own homes. as a small business owner myself I can say I’m sure the cost may be low for ur company cause they already own the propermachines BUT if comprobable machines are debatable I don’t see why you can’t help us all out and give us a step by step instructional to attempt to do it ourselves. Cause I can speak for myself. I can’t afford to throw out or burn a single bed, couch or dresser unless my kids and the rest of my family want tosleep on the hardwood floor and pile our clothes in stacks along that wall. so if you really feel bad, like it sounds like you do, throw out some ideas so we can try and DIY better than some of the other DIY ways which apparently don’t work according to other people’s posts. You might become a savior to ALL of us. thanks in advance, I hope 🙂

    I suspect you are not seeing all the costs your employer sees, so you foolishly think that his profit is the difference between $100-$300 and the $1,200 charge. But if you THINK that you can provide the same service, cheaper, please email me. treg at We’ll give you a job quick.

    That is a quite informative post regarding bed bug extermination. As the post says, bed bug control should start with DIY methods to eliminate initially found infestation by using alcohol and washing clothes in warm water. Then we should ask a professional bed bugs exterminator for a thorough inspection of every corner of our house. And in case further infestation is detected, we should treat the house immediately with the help of a professional. This is the right procedure for the treatment of bed bugs.

    How much the exterminator cost ?

    i live in a 2 bedroom 1 bath kitchen dining room and laundry room and i was quoted $2200 to do heat treatment on my house. Thats prob as much as tenting the house would cost me. im screwed

    Help!! I bought a NEW mattress from a well established company in Southwest FL. I’ve had the mattress for almost 5 months. What I thought were beetles are actually bed bugs. This company is refusing to do anything about the mattress. Stating "the mattress was sealed at the company and not opened till it was inside your home". I have not traveled anywhere and, this is my bedroom not a guest room. My pest control company will be here tomorrow for a quote on treatment.

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but The mattress company is certainly not liable. Mattresses are heated before sealed, and come clean as a whistle. The problem is, you don’t have to do anything to get bed bugs. You can be clean and meticulous and never travel or even go to the grocer, but they can still move in. The taboo of them makes people feel like someone has to be at fault, but that is rarely the case. Good luck with your issue.

    I buy used books from Amazon and I have always made a point of not buying a book that is disclosed as being a former library book. However, not all book sellers disclose the fact that a book is a library book and there were several I received that were. I believe that is how I got bed bugs because they are only in my bedroom and the only items I have brought in besides new clothes are books in the last several years. I contacted Amazon about seller’s making full disclosure and that was a waste of time. Online it tells you that library books can have bed bugs and since I read at night the book is on or by my bed. I am retired and this is a real hardship, all because I like to read.

    Books are not the reason for bed bugs it is fabric. You can get them by sitting next to someone in a office or bank or anywhere. Best thing to do is call a profesional ASAP

    The best way to get rid of the bed bugs is to do a thorough vacuum of all crack and crevices along with steaming but the steam should be light pressured if not you will just blow the bed bugs around. This is a time consuming process and pesticides work when everyone does their part. You have to prepare properly and the most important fact of the matter that no one seems to address is backtracking to when the infestation first started and tracing your footsteps where you have been and who has been to the infested area prior to the infestation is important. That being said you have to play private eye. Infestations get worse when you try to self treat you should always have a professional treat with some form of residual to deter re-infestation and no one can guarantee anything when it comes to bed bugs because there is no silver bullet

    Ive had bed bugs for a year now cant afford an exterminator and cant expect my landlord to pay for the exterminator because he has let me be as far as six months behind on rent.. The only thing i havent read here is that you may be able to wash the bugs from your body by soaking in a hot bath (as hot as u can tolorate) but add at least one cup of bleach and one cup of salt. Clorox bleach is best cheap bleaches can give you rashes and irritate the bites making them hurt even worse.

    Do not follow the advice of this poster – Brian Pitman. Bed bugs do not stick to your naked body. If you follow his advice your whole body skin will peel off leading to a slow death. Mike Nguyen – MD

    It is not actually that difficult to make sure bedbugs are not on your body. You don’t need a special bath for it. They only want to be on your body when they’re ready to eat. They’re so fast that it’s nothing to them to stay off your body the rest of the time. It’s not like having head lice.

    IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM should you be bathing in bleach.

    Terminix Cost: Prices of Plans and Payment Options

    How much does Terminix cost? Read about all you need to know about their pest control prices and plans.

    Terminix is the world’s leader in pest management. It has become a trusted brand for individual and corporate clients the world over.

    However, our focus would be on its prices. While it provides solutions for a wide range of pests, equal pricing doesn’t apply.

    Hence, we’ll discuss each of its several services as well as their respective pricing.

    The aim is to provide as much information as required to enable you to make better choices.

    Does Terminix do payment plans? Is there a Terminix quarterly plan? Is Terminix worth it? Let’s dig into the facts.

    Rating and Cost of Terminix Pest Control

    Reviews hold valuable information about the quality of service rendered by pest control companies.

    Terminix isn’t left out. A brief online search will produce a lot of helpful search results. However, most of the reviews you’d find cover general information about the quality of service. There’s less information on pest control prices.

    So far, customer reviews are in favor of Terminix. For detailed information on such reviews, ‘consumer affairs’ is where to go. Terminix has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. It also promises its customers 100% satisfaction.

    The Terminix Advantage

    An advantage of using Terminix as your most preferred pest control service is that it has one of the best rates within the industry, in addition to the provision of the best pest control services carried out by its highly professional technicians who identify the causes as well as the best treatment measures to apply.

    In addition to the above, Terminix allows for convenience through the provision of an online form where the client is to fill and submit. The client is then contacted for further discussions.

    How Much Does Terminix Cost?

    This is central to our discussion and is usually one of the most asked questions. Although the question may seem easy, the answers aren’t straight forward. This is because the average cost of treatment depends on the type of pest problem you are faced with.

    In addition to the type of pest problem, price is also affected by region as well as the franchisee outlet. Other factors will influence the cost.

    Preventive Pest Control

    Pest control includes preventive treatment as well as the treatment of existing problems. These come with varying rates. In the case of preventive pest control, Terminix has rates starting from $350.00 to $600.00 per annum. These are yearly plans.

    This is one of the best plans for persons or businesses who don’t want to deal with a pest problem. Such services include inspections.

    Hence during this period, identified pest issues are comprehensively dealt with.

    Treating Existing Pest Issues

    This type of treatment involves inspection and the application of the rig pest control strategy. As expected, this involves a more thorough process and costs more.

    Terminix will charge you a fee ranging from $400 to $3,000. However, the cost incurred depends on the pest problem you’re faced with.

    So, is Terminix worth the try? This is a question clients are likely to ask and the answer is a yes! Terminix has established itself as the industry leader in the provision of comprehensive pest control services. Its charges have also been

    Average Terminix Cost for Different Types of Pests

    As mentioned earlier, Terminix pest control prices vary depending on the type. In other words, the different types of pest control services have different costs.

    As such, we will be listing the different pest problems as well as their costs.

    So how much is the Terminix pest solution?

    Termite Inspection

    Termites are usually difficult to spot. They are also among the most difficult pests to deal with because they are highly destructive.

    As such, inspection is highly recommended. However, this can only be handled properly by an expert (in this case Terminix).

    Although most termite inspections are free, there are few exceptions where you will have to pay a token. Normally, such charges fall within$50 to $150.

    During the inspection, several areas of your home are checked. these include crawl spaces, basements, windows, closets, cabinets and drawers, floors as well as attics.

    Other areas include door frames, overhead timber, room corners, and walls.

    Termite Control

    After identifying a termite problem, treatment is the next step. However, this has no fixed price but falls within a range.

    Rates also depend on the size of the infested area as well as the severity of infestation and type of treatment. As a result, Terminix prices for termite ranges from$5 to $20 per square foot.

    As such, charges for an average home is between $1,200 to $2,500.

    Bed Bugs

    Bed bug control is yet another service offered by Terminix.

    Here, rates also depend on a lot of factors. The most common of these include size, the distance between your home and a Terminix outlet and type of treatment applied. All types of bed bug treatments by Terminix starts from$500 to $1,350.

    Due to how evasive bed bugs are, inspection is thorough. Hence places most commonly checked include linens, furniture, and beds.

    A Terminix technician will also check your walls for cracks which may harbor these pests.


    If you have a flea problem, Terminix is up to the task and ever ready to swing into action. After placing a call through, inspection is scheduled and your home and pets inspected.

    Treatment follows immediately with prices ranging from$130 to $450.

    This also covers follow-up treatments that are meant to contain the spread of newly hatched fleas.


    Ants also cost a great deal of discomfort when they get too close. Terminix offers comprehensive treatment plans for residential and commercial clients.

    So how much does Terminix charge for ant control? Well, the pricing depends on the extermination methods used.

    Rates charged are also determined by the ant species. For the sake of clarity, a few ant species include fire ants, carpenter ants, Argentine ants, and grease ants among many others. As such, rates are not fixed but ranges from$150 to $1,400.


    If Terminix is your preferred pest control option, you’d likely be interested in knowing how much is charged for a roach extermination job.

    However, this isn’t a straight answer as multiple factors need to be factored in. These include the degree of the infestation, size of your home as well as the type of roach species.

    Whatever the case is, rates will range from$100 to $400.


    Rodents are notorious for causing significant damage to property. They have also known careers of certain diseases that can easily be transmitted to humans.

    Although some DIY methods have proven to be quite effective, Terminix offers a better alternative.

    Its mouse extermination service will cost you anywhere from$150 to $1,000. As usual, this depends on how severe the problem is.

    Terminix Pricing Plans

    Terminix has coverage pricing plans for all types of pest jobs. These factors in all underlying pest issues as well as providing clients with as much convenience as possible.

    As such, its pricing falls under three main plans; the Silver Plan, Gold Plan as well as Platinum Plan.

    Each of these has its benefits as will be seen shortly;

    i. Silver Plan

    Under its silver plan, Terminix offers clients protection from a wide range of pests. A few of these include roaches, ants, flies, silverfish, and so many others.

    The integrated pest management system is used here and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Cost is determined per square foot and includes all year round protection.

    ii. Gold Plan

    This is another of its yearly plans that cover a wide range of pests problems. According to it, the gold plan offers the best value. This is rightly so as it includes Termite monitoring. With protection from over 20 different pests.

    Terminix also promises total satisfaction all year round for its customers under this plan.

    iii. Platinum Plan

    This plan provides comprehensive protection from over 20 types of pests. The best part is that it includes seasonal mosquito treatments.

    Like the other plans, rates are calculated per square foot.

    Terminix Payment Plans

    Like its pricing plans, Terminix also has payment plans. These are offered for convenience as well as to provide clients with options.

    As such, Terminix pest control plans include monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual options.

    Let’s consider each of these briefly;

    i. Terminix Monthly Plan

    Under this setup, the cost is determined by the particular pest problem. Other factors affecting rates include the size of your home as well as the frequency of visits.

    However, to get a quote, you’d have to call for an inspection. Under this plan, you should expect a fee ranging from$40 to $45. This comes with a guarantee of eliminating the problem within a specified period.

    Any resurgent pest problem within this time will lead to repeat the treatment at no additional charge. However such will only happen within the time-frame it guarantees.

    ii. Terminix Quarterly Plan

    This is for clients who need their home to be under frequent watch. Terminix carries routine inspection and treatment when necessary.

    It will charge you a fee ranging from$100 to $300for this.

    Although it costs more than the monthly plan, it serves its purpose by providing extended protection.

    iii. Terminix Bi-Annual Plan

    This is yet another option to choose from. like the quarterly plan, bi-annual plans mean that Terminix will be in charge of keeping your home pest-free during this time-frame.

    The cost implication when applying for this plan is within the$200 to $700 bracket.

    Now you may think of this as being on the high side, but the reality is your home will be free of pest activities within this period.

    iv. Terminix Annual Plan

    When you want to let their experts take full control of your pest problem for a long time, this is the plan to apply for.

    Here, Terminix schedules inspections and treatments in a manner that makes your home or property a no-go area for pests. This option is available to both individual and commercial clients.

    All of the information above has focused onTerminix prices. We have discussed several aspects of Terminix service relating to prices. With the information contained here, you can go ahead and make informed choices.

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