How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally And Fast

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast, Naturally and Permanently?

After writing, how to get rid of cockroaches?, how to get rid of fruit flies?, how to get rid of ants?, and how to get rid of mosquitoes?, we are now writing the best ways to get rid of bed bugs fast, naturally and permanently. Bug, insects or tiny demons no matter, what you call them. These creepy little beings cause nuisance, nothing in comparison to their size. They reside and annoy us in all possible ways and many at-times act as if at war with us. So, it’s time we teach them a lesson and that too quickly and efficiently.

Bed bugs reside in the deepest corners of your bed and hidden places, waiting to make their move. They will come at you like some silent assassin, biting on your skin and feasting on your blood. We understand that you want to get rid of bed bugs fast and naturally. In this article, we will talk about ways to get rid of bed bugs quickly and easily. Before, we begin lets study our enemy in a better way.

What Are Bed Bugs And When Bed Bug Bites?

These disgusting bugs can fill every corner of your house. They belong to Cimicidae family, which feast on blood and are commonly found in warm temperature. Bed bugs are active only during the night hours. To hide in the day time, they use desks, nightstands, headboards, mattresses, photo frames and clothing. A bed bug feeds on the body of a host for five minutes. A victim may be unaware when s/he is being bitten, but will soon come to know through skin infection, red and itchy bump, allergic reaction, etc.

Their bites cause small red spots on your body, which create itching sensation in your body. Sometimes the condition is really tough, when these itching turns severe. There are several lotions and creams are available in the market, which can cure your bed bug bites. Bed bugs are becoming a very frustrating and stressful problem. If you suffer from such bites, then it is very important to clean the bites immediately. You can also use some natural remedies to get rid of bed bugs and so many other things easily available stuff in your kitchen and home.

Types of Bed Bugs:

  • Domestic Bed Bugs:If you are suffering from constant minute bites, then there is a great chance that it has to be this one. These are the most extensively available. They hide in your bed, furniture, mattress, and every possible nook and corner of your house. The tiny little creatures reside in the darkness and appear mostly when it’s time for dinner. They are flat and red in color.
  • Barn and Chicken Bed Bugs:While the Mexican barn swallow bug infects birds, residing in their nests. The second one dwells on your favorite Sunday night dinner. It feeds on domestic fowls and your everyday poultry items. Both of them can feed on humans, in case their host is not available.
  • Bat Bugs:Residing in the dark caves, they feast on another fearsome creature called bats. These one rarely infest human habitat and love their staple diet.
  • Tropical Bed Bugs:These one prefer a warmer temperature. They are the subsequent, most frequently existing bed bugs after the domestic ones. They come equipped with a piercing mouth and share features similar to their household counterparts.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast and Naturally:

1.) Use Sunlight as Weapon

Bed bugs like moist and dark places and thus hide inside the cracks of the wall. Thus, it makes sunlight one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs. Open all the doors and windows of the room and make way for sunlight. Also, these bugs live in your matrices. It’s time to show them some sunlight. Take your matrices in the garden area and allow it to soak sunlight. Leave the matrices in the sunlight for a complete day. In the evening, arrange it on its original place. You will notice the difference in the morning.

2.) Seal and Caulk Cracks

They bite and many times make it impossible for you to stay on your bed. You do everything with your matrices to make them go away. You treat your matrices in day and they come back at night. The reason behind their comeback is that they had never left. Some of the bed bugs may live in your matrices, but it is the cracks of the walls that they start dwelling in. So, it is important to block their way towards your matrices. Caulk crack in the walls. Inspect your house and caulk each and every crack in the wall. This will also helps you get rid of other insects like ants and stink bugs.

3.) Use The Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes at getting rid of bed bugs, vacuum cleaner is one of the most fantastic ways for the purpose. It is easy to use. What you have to do is vacuum every corner of the house. This will help your get rid of fleas as well. Pay special attention to the places, where your find them more often. These bugs are light in weight and thus can be easily removed by the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum your house and dedicate a little more time on the cracks of the walls. When you are done vacuuming, it’s time to look after your cleaner. Always throw the bag of the vacuum cleaner outside the house. Else, they can come back.

4.) Tea Tree Oil Will Help

Tea tree oil can be describes as one of the best remedies used to get rid of bed bugs. It has a number of uses and advantages. One of them is its use to kill bed bugs. The most important and beneficial part of using tea tree oil is that it is natural and thus will not affect your health as well. It can be used as a natural insecticide. Using it is also simple. What you have to do is mix a part of tea tree oil with and pour in a spray bottle. Now, use that bottle to spray the solution everywhere in the house. Repeat the method twice a day and you will see the difference.

5.) Baking Soda to Kill Bed Bugs

The desiccation (drying out) property inside baking soda helps to get rid of bed bugs. You may use a paint brush in the bowl of baking soda. Now, use this brush to coat the light layer of baking soda on the cracks and crevices, which is expected to be bed bugs hiding area. You may coat this baking soda at various places where you feel bed bugs usually occurs. It is a great way to kill bed bugs.

6.) Use The Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also known as “Isopropyl Alcohol”. You can easily get it from the stores. Bed bugs can be killed by using this rubbing alcohol. All you need to do is a spraying bottle and pour some amount of alcohol into it. After this spray alcohol at different places of your home. You may also rub alcohol in the crevices and cracks. It is a great way to get rid of bed bugs at home. Alcohol is also one of the best ingredients used as a cleansing agent.

7.) Use Lavender Essential Oil

The scent of lavender essential oil can repel bed bugs. It is a great home remedy to get rid of bed bugs at home. Just rub this oil on different parts of your home like crevices, cracks, and bed to eliminate bed bugs from your home. In addition, to lavender oil you may also use various other oils like rosemary and eucalyptus. You can simply add these oils in water and spray it on the different parts of your home. It is one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs at home.

8.) Extreme Temperature

Bugs are known to be vulnerable to extreme heat or cold. Both of the cold or heat treatment can be used successfully to kill them. One can use anything like a hair dryer or heater to heat up the affected area or could use a fan or an air conditioner to provide an arctic environment to these bugs. Ultimately, it’s you who will relish at the delight of a bug free home.

9.) Give Your Bed Sheets in Laundry

It is really important to keep a hygienic environment if you want to get rid of bed bugs at home. One should always keep it’s bed sheets clean. You should give the bed sheets for laundry on regular basis. This will kill the eggs that are laid on your bed sheets. It is the best way to prevent bed bugs. Also, considered as one of the most effective methods to get rid of bed bugs at home.

10.) Use The Mint Leaves

Use mint leaves as it is considered to be a great herbal treatment that can prevent bed bugs infestation in your home. To use this herbal treatment just put the mint leaves in different parts of your home. You can also pour the dry mint leaves on your bed to prevent bed bugs. It is a great remedy that will not only prevent bed bugs. But it will also help in keeping various other insects away from your home.

11.) Use The Clove Oil

The sharp smell and acidic pH of the clove disturb the durability of bed bugs, as they cannot stand this acidic condition. You can destroy the bugs easily by exposing your pillows, mattress and other infested area to clove oil. Make a solution consisting of lukewarm water and clove oil. Place this diluted solution in a spray bottle and sprinkle it to infected area to get rid of bed bugs organically.

12.) Do The Steam Treatment

There are a variety of steamers available in the market to get rid of bed bugs faster. Choose a reputed brand and get started with the steam treatment. Just steam up the corners and cracks of the bed, where the bed bugs normally reside. The steam will exterminate the bugs and will eradicate their eggs. This could be a good solution, especially if you are in a dire need to clear them up.

13.) Cayenne Pepper Will Help

Take 1 tsp each of cayenne powder and grated ginger. Boil them in water for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and spray the solution around the entering spaces of your room and areas where bed bugs may be hiding. The smell of this solution drives the bugs away and block them from spreading.

14.) Make Use of Thyme

Thyme is one of the best ways to avoid bed bugs. This does not kill bed bugs but make them leave your house. What you have to do is place some bundles of every where in your house. Pay special attention to the area where they are seen the most. Replace the bundle with the fresh ones after three days.

15.) Maintain Cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness is one of the best ways to get rid bed bugs. It is as simple as it sounds. Just maintain the hygiene of your house and you will be able to keep them at bay. Clean the house properly. Make sure there is no place where there is litter and dust. Bed bugs like filthy and moist places. So, use vacuum cleaning to clean and do not allow any of the area to be moist. Repair all the leakages and breakage in the pipes and taps. No other way can be as beneficial as this one. Also look after your personal hygiene.

16.) Double Sided Tape

You can make a simple trap at home. You just need to use a double sided tape and it can be used to get rid of bed bugs in a very simple way. What you have to do is take a double sided tape and stick it at several places around your house. Again, pay special attention on the area where you find their presence the most. These tiny creatures will get stick to the tape and will be trapped. Now you can use any of the above mention way to kill them. If you do not want kill them and take the tapes in the bag and throw it.

17.) Use The Hot Water

Use hot water to kill bed bugs. This can be used as one of the most successful remedies to get rid of bed bugs from the house. This is one of the best home remedies for bed bugs. What you have to do is boil enough water to use on all the places where you suspect the presence of these bed bugs. Pour the water on the cracks of the walls and leakages in the pipes. Also, pay special attention to the areas near your bed. Look after door mats as well. Using this method even once will give you the positive results.

18.) Use The Diatomaceous Earth

This organic item is one of the most popular ways to get rid of bed bugs naturally. The fossilized powder of the marine plants is a bug killer. Is literally is an assassin. The powder can be mixed with water or can be used as a paste to fill up all the cracks. The mixture will scratch the exoskeletons of the bugs and will inflict injury after injury, leading to their ultimate death.

19.) Do The Cold Treatment

Not only heat but cold can also check their growth. Arrange a cooling source and get all the infected area to freeze in a way that it becomes unbearable for the bed bugs to resist. Try out a cooling fan or maintain high temperatures or by using an air-conditioner. Both should come in handy and in no time you will see them vanish.

20.) Use The Natural Pesticides

Even though, we don’t recommend them normally, but what harm lies in trying out something natural. Pyrethrum is a natural form of pesticide, extracted from the pyrethrum plant; it has long been known to cure the bed bug nuisance. It directly assaults the nervous systems of bed bugs and kills them for good.

21.) Getting Rid of the Infested Furniture

Though, not one of the best suggestions, this comes as the last resort to your bed bug problem. If your furniture is lying as a waste and serves no purpose at all, it’s good to get away of it. It would be a good idea to either dispose or sell of the furniture. Make sure you don’t lie to your buyer about the motive for selling it in the first place.

22.) Use The Bleach

You should necessarily not follow this if you have kids or suffer from any kind of breathing problems. If all this suits you, then this one is a sure shot solution. Spraying bleach all over your mattress and other affected area can kill them right away.

23.) Awareness is Important

Make sure to check your bed and mattress for bed bugs before checking into a hotel room. Look out for pests on your pets or birds and domestic fowls. Make sure to fill up any cracks on your bed, furniture or pipes. Study about the breed of bed bugs infecting you. Focusing on the right species can save you a-lot of time and energy.

24.) Liquid Insecticides

Though not one of the popular ways to get rid of bed bugs but as you are on a short notice, this can help. Chemical insecticides are easily available in the market. If you detest chemicals then a more natural approach would be to use crystalline silica. The product is known to dehydrate not only the bugs but also their future offspring.

25.) Call The Pest Control

Nothing can be handier in a critical situation like a professional. They know their job and come equipped with all the necessary tools. If quick and effective is what you are looking for and price is not an issue then nothing can beat this. Look out for options in your local area or consult people experienced in this. Choose the right firm and let them get rid of bed bugs once and for all.

25 Bed Bug Natural Home Remedies and DIY Treatment

When you fall asleep, these critters come out from hiding and viciously attack you. They bite you over and over again. They’re courteous, though. The hollow tubes they use to pierce your skin and suck your blood contain a powerful but temporary painkiller, so you won’t feel their handiwork until the morning.

We’re talking about bedbugs, and these guys don’t discriminate. Fortunately, we’ve got more than two dozen effectivehome remedies for your bed bugsso that you can say goodbye to them (hopefully) forever.

Though they’re known for calling warm climates home, they can settle anywhere. And once they’ve set up shop in your mattress or on your furniture, it’s a battle of wills to get them gone.

You may be interested in taking a natural approach for these reasons:

  1. It’s low-cost (maybe even free).
  2. You can act right away instead of having to schedule an appointment with an exterminator.
  3. You avoid the toxic chemicals that an exterminator uses when they address the problem.

Most of our solutions utilize things you’ve already got in the house, but if you do need to go out and purchase something, it will be relatively inexpensive.

The Top 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

If you notice that you have small itchy spots, red rashes or blisters when you wake up, it could be a sign that you have bed bugs. These tiny little pests can infest the seams of your mattress, bed frames, box springs, and headboards. It can be a challenge to get rid of bed bugs because they are hard to detect and they multiply rapidly. Bed bugs should be destroyed as quickly as possible because they can infest other areas of your home and cause a major problem.

Actually, bed bugs are not a sign that you have a dirty home, but they can be brought into your house through luggage, used furniture and beds, clothing and other household items.

Fortunately, there are many ways to naturally get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs can’t survive extreme hot or cold temperatures, so, methods like steam cleaning, hot washes, and drying on a high heat are natural home remedies to eliminate bed bugs from clothing and bedding. Placing small items in the freezer is another way to kill bed bugs.

For larger areas, you can make your own natural bed bug sprays from tea tree oil, lavender oil, or eradicate bed bugs by sprinkling diatomaceous earth powder in crevices that bed bugs like to inhabit.

Before we look at the best home remedies to eliminate bed bugs naturally, let’s look at the symptoms of bed bugs and the problems these tiny insects can cause.

The Problems Bed Bugs Cause

Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and gorge on the blood of humans and animals. Although bed bugs don’t spread disease or cause infections, they cause a lot of personal discomfort.

Bedbugs can also quickly infest beds, couches, furniture and are difficult to find and kill because they like to hide in dark cracks, crevices, and gaps.

Dr. Carol DerSarkissian onWebMDsays that bed bugs reach adult maturity within a month and can produce 3 or 4 generations a year. 1

According to theNational Pest Management Association(NPMA), the problem of getting rid of bed bugs and bed bug control is growing every year. A survey carried by the NPMA found there is a resurgence of bed bug infestations in hotels, movie theaters, public transportation, and even medical facilities. 2

Signs and Symptoms of Bed Bugs

There is no doubt about it – bed bugs are a nuisance and exterminating these tiny pests should be a top priority. One of the first symptoms that you may have a bed bug infestation is bites on your skin. These bites can appear anywhere on your body that the bed bug can crawl to. According to theNational Health Servicein the United Kingdom, some of the other symptoms of bed bug bites are: 3

  • itchy red bumps on the skin
  • a red itchy bed bug rash
  • fluid-filled blisters or welts
  • a skin infection caused by scratching the itchy skin and allowing bacteria to enter the wound

There will also be some signs around your bed that indicate you need to think about some effective methods of bed bug control. For example, with a flashlight, you may discover the tiny bugs in seams around the edge of the mattress or in the bed joints or spring box. You may also notice dark or red spots on your bedding or mattress. This is their dried feces or blood from a killed bed bug.

What are the best ways of getting rid of bed bugs from your bed, mattress, headboard, couches, or anywhere else that they might be living? Here are some of the best tried and tested bed bug natural remedies.

If you have bed bug bites, make sure to read my article about the best natural ways to get rid of bed bug bites.

Here are some of the best home remedies to get rid of bed bugs:

10 Best Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Find the bed bug Infestation

One of the first steps to completely eliminate all traces of bed bugs from your home is to find all the infested areas. Bed bugs are usually found in bedrooms but they can inhabit any room in the home where people and pets sleep.

TheUS Environmental Protection Agencyrecommends carefully checking the seams of mattresses and other soft furnishings in your home. Examine the spaces between cushions, your mattress and bed frame and any other possible hiding place in your bedroom. Don’t forget to check drawer joints, behind loose wallpaper, and even in electrical appliances. 4

Any space the thickness of a credit card is a potential home for bed bugs.

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of bed bug naturally

Using a vacuum cleaner to suck up the bed bugs is a very effective and simple method to eradicate bed bugs from your bedroom.

A vacuum cleaner is a common household item so you can use it right now to kill bed bugs. To make sure and get rid of any eggs around the seams of your mattress, use a stiff brush to loosen any bed bug eggs from the material.

Bed bugs can be hiding everywhere, so you’ll need to vacuum all chairs and other soft furnishings, carpets, box springs, and mattresses and even curtains.

Regarding bed bug control, the journalClinical Microbiology Reviewssays that vacuuming can quickly get rid of a large number of bed bugs and their eggs. When using a vacuum cleaner to control bed bug infestations, it’s essential to use a disposable bag. As soon as you have vacuumed the infested area, remove and seal the bag before disposing of it. 5

Freeze items to kill bed bugs

Kill bed bugs in smaller items by placing them in a freezer. Although bed bugs can’t withstand freezing temperatures, they can live for up to a year in a cool room without any food sources.

To naturally kill the bedbugs you need to place infested items in a freezer that has a temperature below 1°F (-17°C) for at least 2 hours. 5

Hot steam kills bed bug

Hot steam is a great home remedy to destroy bed bugs and their eggs without damaging the environment.

The hot steam method for bed bug eradication can get rid of bed bugs from small crevices and cracks. The steam can also penetrate through the mattress lining and eradicate bug infestations inside the mattress.

Scientists have found that bed bugs are quickly killed when exposed to temperatures above 140°F (60°C). 5

So, if you have a steam cleaner, you can use it to exterminate bed bugs quickly without using harmful chemicals.

To kill bed bugs fast on your own using steam do the following:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum all the areas you plan to steam.
  2. Use the steamer on all surfaces where you see bed bugs and areas where you think bed bugs may be hiding to completely get rid of them.
  3. After using the steamer, the fabric may be damp, but it should not be wet. If the fabric is too wet decrease the amount of steam produced by the steamer.
  4. After you are finished, use a fan in the area to circulate air to help dry the items you have steamed.
  5. Repeat the steaming procedure a couple of times until all the bed bugs are completely gone.

You need to be aware that steaming will only kill bed bugs that are exposed to the heat, so any bed bugs that do not come into contact with the steam will survive.

What is the best type of steamer for bed bug eradication?

The general recommendation is to use a powerful and heavy duty steamer with a large water tank, preferably with a steam volume control. Small steamers may not be effective in eliminating bedbugs. Small steamers require constant refilling and may cover less surface area so they can be less effective in eliminating bed bugs. They may also not get hot enough to eliminate bedbugs on and around the mattress.

Hot wash bedding and clothing

You can also get rid of bed bugs from infected clothing and other fabric items by placing them in the washing machine and wash them at a temperature of over 60°C.

Hot washing is probably one of the easiest and fastest natural ways to kill off bed bugs from clothing and other items using a common household item.

Use a hot dryer

After putting infested items of clothing or bed linen through a hot wash, you should dry the items in a dryer set to a hot setting. This will make doubly sure that the bed linen is sterilized from bed bugs.

Dr. Carol DerSarkissian onWebMDrecommends the hot wash and hot dryer method to de-infest fabric items like curtains, bedding, shoes, and stuffed toy animals from bed bugs. 1

You could also use a hair dryer together with your vacuum cleaner to drive bed bugs out of crevices. Set the hair dryer to the hottest setting and direct into the crack. The hot air will kill the bed bugs and also force them out. Any bug not killed by the hair dryer can be sucked up with the vacuum cleaner.

Encase mattresses and pillows

Another natural way to prevent bed bugs from biting you during the night and stop them infesting other parts of your home is to encase mattresses and pillows.

Encasements for mattresses, spring boxes, and pillows are tightly woven covers that prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping. The encasements should be kept on for at least a year to ensure that all the bed bugs die naturally.

TheNational Pesticide Information Centerrecommends using encasements to protect your bed from bed bug infestations. In addition to encasing your bed items, they also recommend placing bed bug traps (such as this one) under your bed legs to stop bed bugs crawling up. 6

Other Natural Home Remedies to Eradicate Bed Bugs

While the above home remedies are excellent ways to eliminate bed bugs from your home, it is also necessary to treat areas with natural insecticides to kill bed bugs and eggs in hard to reach places. Here are some natural insecticides that you can make yourself to get rid of bed bugs.

Tea tree oil bed bug spray

The insecticidal properties of tea tree oil make it a great natural treatment to get rid of bed bug infestation. You can use the homemade tea tree spray to kill off bed bugs in hard to reach places, like cracks, crevices, and furniture joints.

A study from 2014 found that a tea tree oil solution is an effective and natural insect repellent and also acts as an insecticide. 7

To make a natural insecticide with tea tree oil, put 20 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle filled with water and shake well. Spray liberal amounts of the natural insecticide in all areas where you think bed bugs are living. Use the tea tree oil bed bug spray daily until all the signs of bed bugs have disappeared completely. Remember to shake the natural spray well before each application.

Tea tree oil is also a great natural remedy to cure any skin itching caused by bed bugs.

Lavender oil pesticide spray

Similar to tea tree oil, lavender essential oil can be used to make an effective natural DIY pesticide spray to kill bed bugs.

The insect-repellent properties of lavender oil are toxic for bed bugs but completely safe to use around the home.

One study into the effect of essential oils and their use for insect and bug control found that a combination of lavender oil and peppermint oil effectively kills off insects. 8 Lavender oil also helps to destroy insect eggs and larvae as well as repelling bed bugs. Peppermint oil also has a strong repellent action. 8

To make a natural bed bug spray, add 10-15 drops lavender essential oil and 10-15 drops peppermint oil to a spray bottle filled with water. Use the natural spray to treat areas infested with bed bugs. Use the natural pesticide spray daily until you no longer have any signs of bed bug infestation. Shake well before each application.

There are many other effective sprays to eliminate these nasty critters – read about them in my article about the best bed bug sprays to kill bed bugs fast.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) for bed bug control

Diatomaceous earth powder helps to kill off bed bugs by causing them to dehydrate because it destroys their outer protective membrane. Some people also call it bed bug powder. Because vacuum cleaners may not remove all bed bugs in deep crevices, diatomaceous earth powder is an excellent way to control bed bugs and prevent further infestation.

A study into the use of diatomaceous earth in bed bug eradication found that it is a safe, non-toxic way to rid your home of bed bugs. Even though diatomaceous earth (DE) is slow acting, the study found that this was an advantage. This is because the bed bugs transfer the powder to other bugs and help to distribute the natural insecticide to their habitats. The study found that within 4 days, 80% of all the bed bugs had been killed. Complete eradication was achieved in 12 days. 5

To naturally eliminate a bed bug infestation with diatomaceous earth, dust the bed bug powder around all areas where bed bugs may be hiding. Repeat the process every 3 days for 2 weeks to ensure complete removal of all the bed bugs.

Make sure to usefood gradediatomaceous earth (here is one example), as it is safe to use around the home and it’s an effective home treatment for killing bed bugs and fleas.

Home Remedies for Killing Bed Bugs – Commonly Asked Questions

Can baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) kill bed bugs?

Some people suggest that baking soda is an effective natural bed bug killer as it can dehydrate them or possibly even poison these tiny little pests.

However there is no indication showing that baking soda can eliminate bed bugs. In fact, baking soda doesn’t absorb much fluids so it will not dehydrate the bed bugs.

Baking soda actually breaks down in water quite easily, so its ability to absorb thick, viscous fluids like the wax on a bed bug’s shell is questionable. In addition, bed bugs don’t eat dry items in their environment such as sodium bicarbonate so it cannot poison them.

Can salt eliminate a bed bug infestation?

Salt has been used for decades to kill pests, such as slugs and snails by absorbing fluids from their body and causing them to dehydrate.

Some people believe that salt can eliminate bed bugs in the same way it kills slugs and snails. However there is a very strong anecdotal reference that this doesn’t work.

Does boric acid kill bed bugs?

Boric acid, can be used as a natural pesticide to kill roaches, eliminate ants, and eradicate termites but it needs to be ingested by the pest. Bed bugs have piercing and sucking mouth parts, and they do not ingest material other than blood from living hosts. Hence, there’s no way to get boric acid into the bed bugs’ stomach to kill them.

Does vitamin B1 (Thiamine) repel bed bugs?

Thiamin has been reported to be a mosquito repellent but there is no strong scientific evidence to support the fact that vitamin B1 helps in repelling bed bugs.

What is the best way to kill bed bugs naturally?

The best way to completely eliminate bed bugs for good is to use the following methods together:

  • Vacuum all areas where bed bugs can be found.
  • After vacuuming, use hot steam to naturally kill the remaining bed bugs instantly.
  • Hot wash infected clothing and all fabric items.
  • Use hot dryer for items that cannot be washed.
  • Encase mattresses and pillows to prevent bed bugs from biting you.
  • Use natural remedies such as diatomaceous earth and tea tree oil to exterminate bed bugs in hard to reach places.

How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

The best way to make sure that you never have any bed bug bites is to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home in the first place. Here are some top bed bug prevention tips:

  • If you notice blood spots or dark marks on your bedding, immediately check all areas of your bed, mattress, and bedding for bed bugs.
  • After returning from vacation, thoroughly vacuum your luggage.
  • When staying in hotel rooms, take a flashlight with you to inspect the bed frame and mattress for tell-tale signs of bed bugs.
  • Before bringing in second-hand furniture, beds, or mattresses to your home, thoroughly examine the items to make sure there are no bugs hiding in corners, joints, and seams.
  • If you notice any bed bugs, eliminate them using theseeffective bed bug spraysto get rid of them for good.

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13 Responses toThe Top 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

The blood-sucking BEDBUGS are spreading fast all over the world in places of human habitations. They have become a great nuisance, as It is very difficult to eradicate them with the commonly used method of spraying insecticides. Their bites can cause severe itching, sleeplessness, irritability, depression, anemia and other related problems.
Even by using different types of insecticides regularly, I had failed again and again to remove all the BEDBUGS from my room. In desperation, I started using NEEM soap and NEEM detergents to wash my bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets, mosquito net, and also to wash my clothes like the shirts, pants, underwears, banians, nightdresses, caps, socks, handkerchiefs, towels, napkins, etc. Only after I did that, the BEDBUGS DISAPPEARED totally within a few days!
I was astonished to find such an easy solution in such a short period. So, it is NOT surprising why the Hindus worship the NEEM TREE as a GODDESS!

We can use NEEM SPRAYS to kill and repel bedbugs, mosquitoes, mites, lice, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, ants, flies, etc. Washing our clothes with NEEM soap and NEEM detergents repels these insects.

Even if we choose to wash our clothes with other soaps and detergents, we can just dip the clothes in NEEM WATER for some time, then squeeze them and hang them for drying.

BATHING with NEEM soap and using NEEM creams and NEEM lotions too can help our bodies to repel bedbugs, mosquitoes, mites and lice, and to prevent diseases like ANEMIA, MALARIA, DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA, SCABIES, etc.
Let us launch a worldwide campaign against bedbugs, mosquitoes, mites, lice and other insect pests by sending many messages like this one to all our contacts.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast, Naturally, Permanently, for Good, Yourself, Home Remedies

Can you get rid of bed bugs? Discover the best ways to get rid of bed bugs fast, naturally and permanently. Get insight into how you can get rid of bed bugs yourself. Also, learn what to use to get rid of bed bugs including chemical, non-chemical and home remedies. Read on to learn much more about getting rid of bed bugs in clothes, carpet and furniture cheaply on your own.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugsare worldwide awful pests that feed on human blood. They are small nocturnal flat insects. Their flat body enables them to hide is small cracks and openings such as furniture joints and fabric seams. Furthermore, bed bugs multiply really rapidly, all the more reason why they may be difficult to get rid of.

A bed bug is a flat shaped nocturnal insect

Arguably, use of pesticides was once a common way of eliminating bed bugs. Sadly, the bed bugs have of late evolved and developed resistance to most of the very pesticides which were once widely used to kill them. Nowadays, you have to use a number of procedures together, usually, one after another, to completely get rid of bed bugs.

Additionally, you have to make a follow-up and possibly carry out further elimination of the bed bugs to permanently get rid of them. In case this is not done, the few bed bugs that certainly survive might quickly multiply and the house infestation will revert to the previous status soon.

In order to easily and effectively get rid of bed bugs, you should eliminate them before the infestation becomes severe. Accordingly, endeavor to get rid of bed bugs as soon as you notice thesigns of bed bugs. Also, carefully check some time later to confirm that you have actually exterminated them from your house.

Many people prefer the use of non-chemical means to get rid of bed bugs. Actually, the use of nonchemical methods eliminates the risk of exposure to dangerous substances. However, the use of non-chemical procedures alone may not be adequate to eliminate bed bugs completely. In practice, chemical procedures are used in conjunction with non-chemical procedures to permanently get rid of bed bugs.

How to get Rid of Bed Bugs – Treatment & Home Remedies

Getting rid of bed bugs usually involves the use of non-chemical procedures like vacuum cleaning, steam treatment, hot water cleaning and the dryer method. Other non-chemical methods include physical destruction and encasement of mattress and spring boxes. Generally, none-chemical methods are very effective in eliminating most of the bed bugs.

The use of chemical methods like pesticides, aerosols and dust is also common. It is often applied after most of the bed bugs have been destroyed by non-chemical methods to eliminate the few that might be remaining.

Before you start getting rid of bed bugs, make sure that you are conversant with thehiding places for bed bugs. This way, you will ensure to carry out the elimination procedure in all places. However, if you leave even a small part infested with bed bugs, you will be doing zero work. Certainly, the bed bugs will back soon after rapid multiplication of the few that survive. So, the bottom line is to firstfind the bed bugs and bed bug eggswithin your house.

1. Scrubbing and Wiping to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Typically, this is the first step of getting rid of bed bugs, especially when the infestation is severe. Dismantle the bedding to expose the bed bugs. Reduce the clutter around the infected room to further prepare for the removal of bed bugs.

However be careful not to move the infested items from room to room or to other buildings. If you do this, you will end up spreading the bed bugs to other rooms or buildings that are not infested.

Check the mattresses, furniture joints and all the other areas in the room. If that are areas that are heavily infested by the bed bugs, wipe and scrub them with a hard brush. You can kill others using a piece of stick or any other object. This will significantly reduce the bed bugs before using other methods.

2. Wash Fabrics with Hot Water

Wash your clothes, bed sheets and other fabrics with hot water. A temperature of 50°C (122°F) is adequate to kill all the bed bugs that may be in these fabrics. However, note that items like mattresses and carpets may not be washed this way. So, you may need to use steam treatment, vacuum cleaner or a dryer instead of washing with hot water.

3. Use a Dryer to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Place the clothes and other the items that you suspect have bed bugs in a dryer on high heat. The bed bugs will die. Usually, items which may not be washed such as shoes can be treated with heat in a dryer to get rid of bed bugs. Ensure that the heat in the dryer is adequate to kill the bed bugs.

4. Air Items infested with Bed bugs in Sunlight

Apparently, bed bugs do not like being subjected to light. Hence airing the fabrics carpets furniture and such items in the sunlight ay help scare the bed bugs away. However, this method should be used with other methods because it might not be very effective as to eradicate the bed bugs. Typically, you should air the items after treating them with steam, or hot water.

5. Use of Vacuum Cleaner to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Vacuum cleaning is also an effective and common method of getting rid of bed bugs. You need to have a vacuum cleaner to use this method. In case you do not have it, you can purchase or even hire one.

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of bed bugs

You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of bed bugs on mattresses, walls, and furniture. A vacuum cleaner is effective, especially in flashing and trapping the bed bugs from cracks, crevices on furniture, walls, floor and ceiling. Equally, it is excellent and practical in trapping bed bugs from some items such as mattresses and carpets, which you may not wash.

Vacuum cleaning a popular method since it does not use chemicals and hence there is no risk of exposure to chemicals. Furthermore, it is an appropriate method to get rid of bed bugs especially on mattresses, since it does not wet the items being cleaned.

However, note that a vacuum cleaner does not kill the bed bugs. Instead, it sucks and traps them into the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, make sure that the vacuum cleaner is not just left in the room after use.

One way of killing and removing the bed bugs in the vacuum cleaner is to subject it to hot air of about 50°C (122°F). Alternatively, encase the vacuum cleaner to restrict the bed bugs trapped in it until they die. However, note that a bed bug can survive without food for up to 400 days! [See the pagehow long can a bed bug survive without food?] Cleary, encasing the vacuum cleaner may not be very practical, especially if you hired it.

6. Use of Steam Treatment to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Steam treatment is a no-chemical method of getting rid of bed bugs. It is a can be use instead of a vacuum cleaner or together with it. It involves subjecting the infested areas to steam to kill the bed bugs.

Steam treatment stands out when it comes to eliminating bed bugs that have infested the mattresses. Besides killing the bed bugs on the mattress, it penetrates the mattress and kills the bed bugs hiding within the mattress. Apparently, a vacuum cleaner may not be able to tap the bed bugs within the mattress. As you apply the steam on the mattress, pay special attention to areas like seams and edges. Normally, this is where the bed bugs like hiding most or even laying eggs.

Another common area that you might not be able to clean directly is the furniture joints. In case there are crevices between the joints, they can be excellent places the bed bugs will enjoy to hide in. So, carefully apply the steam to the bed and any other piece of furniture near the bed or in the room. You need to pay more attention to the joints and corners and ensure that the steam reaches all the suspected areas on the pieces of furniture.

Bed bugs may also move a bit further from the bed to the cracks and crevices on the walls, floors and ceiling boards if they find the places better hiding places. Therefore, also apply the steam to any cracks or any tiny spaces on the walls, the floor or ceiling within the room.

In brief, the sure way of ascertaining that you have killed all the bed bugs and bed bug eggs in the room is to apply the steam to every suspicious pace.

7. Use of Pesticides to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Use of pesticides is a chemical method of getting rid of bed bugs. There are many pesticides that can be used to kill bed bugs. They are usually available asbed bug sprays and powders(aerosols and dust). You should not use any other substance that is not indicated for use in eliminating bed bugs. Such substances may be effective for this purpose. Worse still they may be harmful to your health.

Furthermore, you should be very careful when using pesticides avoid exposure. Ensure that you are in a protective gear to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals. Generally, use of pesticides is not preferred because of the risk of exposure. It even becomes more challenging because the pesticides are supposed to be used on beds and bedding. This increases chances of exposure given considering that you are supposed to use them after the treatment.

Generally, aerosols are easier to apply, especially into cracks and crevices, as compared to dust. On the other hand, powders/dust are faster as they kill instantly if applied directly on the bed bugs. Some of the pesticides aerosols and dust recommended for extermination of in your house bed bug include

  • Cimexa Dust
  • Optimate CS
  • Bedlam Plus Aerosol
  • Temprid SC
  • Transport Mikron
  • Steri-Fab Bed Bug Spray
  • Alpine PT Aerosol
  • Phantom Aerosol
  • Temprid Ready Spray Aerosol

Most of the pesticides are effective only when they come into contact with the bed bugs themselves. Therefore, apply carefully apply the aerosol or dust to every part that you suspect could be hiding places for the bed bugs. Remember that in case you leave out just a small hiding area, you risk having the bed bug infestation recurrence

Apply the pesticide on your mattress. Turn the mattress around and apply the pesticide. Do not forget to pay special attention to the mattress seams and folds.

Apply the pesticide on your bed, the bed legs, corners and the crevices in the bed joints. Also, apply the pesticide to all the pieces of furniture in the room, especially the ones close to the bed. Concentrate on the drawers and dark corners on the in pieces of the furniture.

Also, apply the pesticide on the walls, floors and ceiling, concentrating on the cracks and crevices that may be on these surfaces. Carpets and floor boards should not be left out.

Another area that are hot hiding places that you may forget include picture frames, door frames and window frames. Similarly, remember electrical faceplates, wall fixtures and lamp holders.

8. Use of Encasements to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Typically, mattress and spring box encasement are used after eliminating bed bugs using steam treatment, vacuum cleaner or pesticides. The encasement traps and restricts the few remaining bed bugs within the mattress. As a result, the bed bugs die out of starvation.

However, you need to keep the encasement intact for quite a while, specifically about 400 days. This is because bed bugs can survive without food for that long.

Furthermore, use a quality encasement to ensure that the bed bugs do not sneak from the mattress. If this happens, they will multiply and soon heavily infest the house. Typically, use a quality zippered encasement to be sure of the effectiveness of this way of eliminating bed bugs.

Encasements can also the used on items other than the mattress and spring box. For example, you can decide to encase the vacuum cleaner after use to restrict and kill the bed bugs trapped in it.

9. Get Rid of Bed Bugs by Bed Bug Extermination

You can also utilize the services of a bed bug exterminator. A bed bug exterminator is an expert who will employ some of the methods explained above to get rid of bed bugs in your house.

Normally, the exterminator will visit you once or more times later to check the effectiveness of the work. During the visit, the exterminator may carry out further bed bug treatment to completely get rid of the bed bugs.

Bed bug exterminators are usually thorough in their job. They will carry out the extermination process professionally. Therefore, the results will certainly be satisfactory.

The cost of bed bug extermination depends on how expansive severe the infestation is. Contact an exterminator to get the details about bed bug extermination.

10. Use Other Methods and Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There are other home remedies which can be used to get rid of bed bugs. Apparently, these remedies may not be very effective in eliminating all the bed bugs. However, they can be used to get rid of bed bugs if the infestation is mild. Usually, they are applied for relatively a longer time to give desirable results. They include the use of the following non-herbal and herbal procedures.

Nonherbal Remedies

  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Baking Soda
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Cold treatment
  • Bed Bug Traps

Herbal Remedies

  • Sweet Flag
  • Bean Leaves
  • Indian Lilac
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Thyme
  • Essential Oils
  • Mint Leaves
  • Black Walnut Tea
  • Beauveria Bassiana
  • Lemongrass
  • Clove
  • Pyrethrum
  • Lavender

For details on how to use these and other home remedies to get rid of bed bugs, visit the pageHome Remedies for Bed Bugs.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

There are many natural methods of getting rid of bed bugs. They include scrubbing and use of home remedies such as tea tree oil and lavender oil. However, getting rid of bed bugs naturally may not be the fasted and most effective ways of eliminating bed bugs. Nevertheless, natural methods may be effective, especially if the bed bug infestation is not severe.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bags Fast or Quickly

If you want to get rid of bed bugs fast, use the dryer method, steam treatment, vacuum cleaner and pesticides. Methods such as encasement of items and most of the home remedies may not be used to get rid of bed bugs quickly. Encasement, for example, would take up to 400 days to eliminate the bed bugs!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself/on Your Own

You can get rid of bed bugs on your own using most of the methods we have discussed. However, you need to be careful about using the machines or chemicals that may be involved. Therefore, read and understand all the instructions for using these machines and chemicals. This way, you will avoid accidents or exposure to the chemicals. If there is anything you are not sure of, kindly find out from experts before carrying out the procedure.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Clothes

The best and cheap way to get rid of bed bugs in clothes is to wash them in hot water at about 50°C (122°F). Hang the clothes in the sun as bed bugs do not like light. However, in case you don’t want to wash your clothes, put them in a dryer on high heat. Let them stay in the dryer for about 30 minutes. All the bed bugs in the clothes will die due to the heat in the dryer

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress/Bedding

Arguably, the item which is most infested by bed bugs is the mattress. This is because the mattress is adjacent to you while you are asleep. Furthermore, it has seams and folds and forms many dark corners when fitted in the bed. Therefore, the bed bugs find it the most convenient area to hide and easily attack you for blood when you are asleep.

To get rid ofbed bugs on mattress, start by scrubbing most of the bed bugs off the mattress with a hard brush. In the next step, use a vacuum cleaner to trap more of the bed bugs in the cleaner. Now use apply steam into the mattress to kill the bed bugs that might have been hiding in the mattress. Lastly, enclose your mattress in a good mattress encasement and leave it intact for at least one year.

However, if the mattress is too severely infested, discard it and acquire a new one. However, clean the house and exterminate all the bed bugs before you start using the new mattress. This way you will prevent infestation of the mattress with the bed bugs again.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs on Your Body or Hair

Normally, bed bugs do not stay on human body or hair. However, when the infestation is very severe, a few may infest your clothes and hair, especially if it is long and thick. The best way to get rid of the bed bugs on your body or clothes you are wearing is to hand pick those you can see.

To get rid of those in the hair, wash it with bearable hot water and comb it hair vigorously. This way, you will to kill and flash the bed bugs from your hair. However, be careful not to use too hot water and burn yourself

How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Cheap/Cheaply

The cheap methods of getting rid of bed bugs include home remedies such as scrubbing and subjecting the bed bugs to hot water. You can also get rid of bed bugs cheaply by using of pesticides, which are not very expensive.

These methods are cheap because they involve easy procedure which you can carry out yourself. Besides, they utilize locally available material or cheap chemicals. Therefore, you will not require the services of exterminators or expensive devices like dryers and steam machines.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently/for Good

Apparently, bed bugs may be very stubborn to get rid of. Many people have reported recurrences of bed bugs. Some even believe it is impossible to permanently get rid of bed bugs. However, it is possible to clear bed bugs from your house permanently

The best way to get rid of bed bugs for good is to use effective methods that have proven to work. More importantly, apply a series of procedures to supplement methods that may not be very effective in one area but are effective in another area.

Inspect and further treat your house and any other areas you had treated after 7-10 days. Keep inspecting after every one week to ensure that you have eliminated the bed bugs permanently. In case you notice them coming back, carry out further cleaning and treatment. Certainly, you will eventually succeed.

After getting rid of the bed bugs permanently, carry out preventive measures to stop them from infesting your house again. Visit the pageHow to Prevent Bed Bugsto get details on how you can prevent bed bug infestation.

How to Kill/Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast Yourself Naturally for Good

Infestations by bed bugs are a menace and are increasing all over the world. This has called for ways to kill and get rid of these little creatures fast and for good.

The method of eradication will depend on the extent of a bed bug infestation. For a minor infestations use DIY natural remedies but heavy infestations you will probably need a pest control agent who will use chemicals among other methods

Current practices involve early detection and treatment while prevention is the best way to get rid of bed bugs. All of these interventions are best effective when they are carefully and professionally instituted.

Though there are insecticide treatment options, resistance is emerging. There has therefore been a recommendation by professional bed bugs agencies on a collaborative or an integrated approach in which different methods are used.

The approach is known as an integrated pest management approach and prevention and frequent vigilance should be maintained so that desirable outcomes are achieved.

Dead killed bed bugs

Here are some steps that you could follow or use in order to get rid of bed bugs

1. Identify Signs of an Infestation

The first move to do away with bed yourself is to check for signs of an invasion. This involves the ability to identify bites, and other bed bug by-products like eggs, fecal matter and shells. Follow the following article for details

Check infested household items. This may be particularly those that are heavily infested. This could mean that if you have furniture or bedding that seem to harbor colonies and colonies of bed bugs, then you need to have them taken out and disposed.

This should be able to augment a treatment method such as spraying so that you do not return items previously taken out with bed bugs.

Remove all things considered clutter toreduce the chances of items playing the harbor role to bed bugs. This will reduce the available hiding spots.

Such may include items in the house that you do not require and are old possibly hiding some bed bugs. When removing the clutter ensure that you have bagged them so that escape of bed bugs is hampered.

Still in the identification phase you need tocheck bites from bites from bed bugs. Here is a guide on how the bites appear with images: What do Bed Bug Bites look like? Pictures & Identification Steps

While identifying the bites, do not confuse bed bugs bites with other insect bites. Below are detailed articles on the differences with pictures

In the identification stage, remember not confuse other bugs with other pests.

2. Detect and Find the Bed Bugs

After recognizing a bed bug infestation, the next step is to detect and find the bugs.

Bed bug detection

When detecting, you need to know what attracts them as well what they hate. There exist a number of ways to detect which include use of light and detectors or monitors such as verifi.

Finding bed bugs will require prior knowledge on their hideouts and how they spread.

3. Treat and Control Naturally at Home

Baby powder

In the treatment of bed bug infestations, there are many proposed methods of killing this creature. Perhaps due to a dire need to find a breakthrough that will serve as a long-term treatment to the infestations people have.

However, when it comes to baby powder, the best it goes in deterring bed bugs is hindering its movement. Bed bugs may find it harder to crawl out of spots with baby powder.

Propositions to have it used as a bed bug poison does not work on them and the poisonous potency works on humans.

Baby powders consist of a number of ingredients such as talc and cornstarch. This powder therefore hampers the movement of bed bugs. It would best serve as a repellent when applied to the feet of beds though not entirely reliable too.

It is therefore better of as a repellent and not as a treatment option. Furthermore, there are better treatment methods that have shown better efficacy.

Essential Oils

As you will learn shortly, pyrethroids and chlorfenapyr are efficacious when it comes to the treatment of bed bug infestations. There are risks associated with the use of these chemicals and to cap it up, are facing emergence of resistance.

It is therefore an incumbent fad to have the chemical insecticides mixed with some oils acting as one of the active ingredients. Some of the oils that can be used include

  • Citronella
  • Cinnamon
  • Citric
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Eugenol
  • Clove
  • Geranium

Since the oils are categorized under foods, these oils have not been subjected to quality control measures.

Some of the products studied for their efficacy by Changlu Wang, Narinderpal Singh and Richard Cooper (2014) mentions EcoRaider and Bed Bug Fix as some of the products that have some of these oils. Geraniol and cedar particularly. Here are some of the oils that hare used in further detail:

Cedar oil

As mentioned earlier in this section, this oil has been included in products such as EcoRaider and Bed Bug Fix. It is also an ingredient in Rest Assured.

Manufacturers normally have trade secrets since these three products exhibit different levels of efficacy.

EcoRaider confers a 100% efficacy as owed to by their having a slightly modified cedar oil and preparing a different formulation all-together.

Tea tree oil

You can use this oil by adding about 15-20 drops of it in a bottle with a nozzle and a dip-tube. Prefill the bottle with some water then shake the mixture well. Now use this as a spray targeting the hotspot areas of bed bugs. Do this daily.

Lavender oil pesticide spray

Lavender oil acts in the same way as peppermint oils and other menthol-containing oils. It is also effective as a DIY method in prevention of bed bugs.

It is especially good when it is mixed with another oil such as peppermint oil which act synergistically to potentiate the anti-bed bug action.

To make such a mixture, add about 10-20 drops of peppermint oil to the same amount of lavender oil.

Prefill your spray bottle with some water then add the oil mixture. Make sure that you shake well then spray in areas that are harbors of bed bugs.

Apart from oils, there are other home remedies that you can get from your kitchen and use them to get rid of bed bugs. Home remedies are most useful when you have a small infestation of bed bugs.

Baking Soda

This is sodium bicarbonate prepared with some tartaric acid. The mixture in the presence of water results in a reaction that is responsible for the production of carbon IV oxide that raises dough in baking.

Therefore, if you want this method to work, you need to avoid incorporation of water to prevent neutralization of the corrosive action of sodium bicarbonate.

You can apply a thin layer in the affected areas especially the open linings of the ceiling, other plywood and on the edges of switch and socket boards. It is very efficient in the getting rid of eggs of bed bugs and the bed bugs themselves.

Diatomaceous earth

When you apply diatomaceous earth on areas bugs hide or walk along, it dehydrates the exoskeleton of bed bugs and hence killing them.

Food grade DE

This may however take some time to act but it has a good residual time and you can use it to block cracks and crevices on your walls.

Ginger, Cayenne Pepper and Oregano Cocktail

This mixture is excellent for repelling bed bugs. This is particularly in effect due to the strong spicy smell of the mixture owing to all the ingredients. This is the DIY procedure on how to make it:

You need to ensure that you have about I teaspoonful quantity of cayenne pepper, ginger in grated form, oregano oil and about 250 mL of water. Once you have the ingredients ready in the required form and quantity, now do the following:

  1. To the whole amount of water. Add a pre-mixed cocktail of the three spicy ingredients. Then heat the mixture for about 7 minutes ensuring that the water boils.
  2. Get a spray bottle and strain the solution that you have after boiling.
  3. Spray the mixture on areas that are hiding spots of bed bugs ensuring that you also capture the corners and head board of your bed and other furniture.
  4. Do this each day for several days then do some monitoring.

Black Walnut Tea

This is a broad spectrum home remedy to fungi, bacteria and relevant to this case, insects and pests. Therefore, it can be used in the elimination of bed bugs.

Black walnut

Black walnut tea is packaged in tea bags and this offers a relatively easier way of hooking them in corners of beds and other areas. It is also said to work as a repellent

In addition to the above natural methods;

You can also try to use Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs.

4. Chemical Treatment-What Chemical Kills Bed Bugs?

There are a number of chemicals that can kill bed bugs though with the growing resistance to some of them, they end up being less efficacious. These chemicals include:

  1. Pyrethroid
  2. Imidacloprid
  3. Beta-cyfluthrin
  4. Dichlorvos
  5. Chlorfenapyr

Apply some insecticidessuch as pyrethroids. This insecticide kills all stages of bed bugs. However, this is best handled by a professional pest agency so that the chemicals are well handled.

When the spray is properly done, it is very effective though there needs to be a follow-up repeat of the spray so that any remaining bed bugs can be killed.

This in effect due to the little residue chemical after the first spray (Kweka EJ et al., 2009).

Other insecticide that is not of pyrethrin origin is the dichlorvos organophosphate. This best for the treatment of infestations in clothes and closets.

Again, just as with the pyrethroids, use of this method will require that you invite a professional pest management agency.

The pyrrole insecticide, chlorfenapyr is another option if you cannot access pyrethroids but is slow however.

Other ways to get rid of Bed Bugs


Try using a vacuum on items in your house that are furry. Mattresses, duvets, furnishings, carpets and mats may be furry and hence it may be hard to identify the level of infestation in them.

Therefore, vacuuming should be able to clear out the bed bugs that have hidden in the fur.

Vacuuming can also help you in getting rid of bed bugs that have hidden in the cracks and crevices of walls, the edges of ceilings and at the corners of furniture at the hinges.

According to Frishman A. (2000) and Pinto L. et al (2007), vacuuming can reduce use of pesticides and is very effective in making room for inspections after treatment to monitor the presence of bed bugs.


Use encasements on your mattress and other furnishingsthat you think may be hiding bed bugs. This would come in handy when you are doing an inspection before or after you have done your treatment.

Some encasements have been impregnated with some insecticide hence serves a double role.

Doing this has been shown to be very effective in reducing the infestation on your bed as given by the National Pesticide Information Center.


Do some laundering when you have pulled out clothes that are harboring bed bugs during the same time you are doing some chemical treatment.

Do this by soaking your clothes in some hot water at about 60˚C and some detergent. Leave to stay for about one hour. Afterwards, use a dryer to kill residual bed bugs.

You can however use a dryer instead of hot water especially for clothes that are thermolabile at high temperatures.

Naylor and Boase in their publication in the Journal of Economical Entomology mention that you can dry-clean infested clothes with a chemical known as perchloroethylene.

This chemical is also effective at killing bed bugs at all temperatures.


Freeze your identified items by placing them in the freezer or apply some dry ice. Dry ice refers to compressed carbon IV oxide gas stabilized in a solid-liquid phase.

The best temperature as proposed by Harlan H (2006) is –17˚C for 2 hours. This should suffice in killing the bed bugs and the eggs.


his method has been shown to be worth it when bed bugs are subjected to the optimum conditions that facilitate their killing.

Kells SA and Goblirsch MJ (2011)’s study indicates that temperature and time are the variants that determine these conditions.

Eggs can be got rid of when the room is heated to about 48 degrees Celsius for a period of 72 minutes. This method offers a clean solution to bed bugs without having to use chemicals that may have residue.


You can also pass somesteam from a nozzleon materials that you have identified as having bed bugs.

This method provides a heating alternative to dry heat and has been shown to be cost – effective being able to kill bed bugs when the steam is passed at a rate of 15 seconds/12 inches.

Due to the technicality of this method, professional support would be recommended.

More other known bed bug control techniques include;

Assess if they are gone & Prevent

After using the methods showcased above the next step is find out if they’ve gone after the treatment. Below is a detailed guide

If you successfully eradicated the bugs, all you need is to put prevention measures in place. You can use bed bug repellents and other ways.

Killing Bed Bugs FAQs

What is the Best Cheapest way to Kill Bed Bugs?

Getting that cost-effective method to get rid of bed bugs is quite important. People end up blowing their money on methods that do not work and become frustrated.

Some even undergo psychological breakdowns and in fact, bed bug infestations propagate the prevalence of depression. Here’s one of the cheapest ways to have bed bugs killed:

  1. If you have a vacuum, use it to suck up the bed bugs from hidden spots. You can use it on mats, mattresses, duvets and carpets. You can do this mildly on electronic gadgets too.
  2. Identify clothing and bedding that have been infested by investigating the presence of bed bugs. Then encase them in a plastic paper bag and put them outside. Thereafter, dry-heat or soak them in some hot water for 30 minutes. Dry them in the sun then iron them while doing some inspection.
  3. In the meantime, pour some water in the corners of your bed and other furniture while overturning to ensure you have a better view. Metallic beds are much easier to use in this method as wood soaks up the water and may rot if not taken care of afterwards.
  4. Seal the cracks and other openings of your wall with some solid soap or some diatomaceous earth.
  5. Scrub your walls while inspecting it for any eggs. Eggs normally attach to the walls and are white in color hence camouflaged well.
  6. You can apply some oils to the areas you have cleaned out to repel re-entry.

It would not be cost-effective to throw away your mattresses, clothing or furniture as you will have to make a new purchase which if infested by reentrant bed bugs, may prove unworthy to have them disposed in the first place. However, you can still do this once every 3 years.

Also ensure that you have everything about a new method researched on. You wouldn’t want to spend on a method that doesn’t work. It is at times also wise to call a professional pest management service as, in the long-run, it is cheaper.

Will ammonia kill bed bugs

This is another trial and error method. It may indeed have some effect but you would be sure, it wouldn’t match up to your expectations.

You are better off using methods that have proven efficacy. Use of ammonia has not been tested and to add, ammonia has a really pungent smell.

Does boric acid kill bed bugs

Boric acid does not work on bed bug infestations. It is however good for other roaches such as the cockroaches. According to the University of Nebraska, Lancaster, bed bugs do not ingest this slow poison.

The reason for this is that cockroaches feed on your food and hence, when you add the poison to it, they ingest it too.

However, bed bugs are dependent on a fresh blood meal directly derived from the host’s body. They wouldn’t even feed on spilt blood since they require it to be of a specific temperature among other optimal conditions.

Does pine sol kill bed bugs

Pine sol has a large percentage of alcohol and while alcohol does kill bed bugs and its eggs, it only offers a short-term repellent action to bed bugs.

Therefore, it would be effective in the treatment of bed bug infestations. However, beware of the flammable nature of alcohols and try avoid them.

Do moth balls kill bed bugs

Moth balls do not have a repellent action on bed bugs. The poisonous effect it has on humans does not guarantee its effectiveness in killing bed bugs.

It is a potent poison to humans for their containing a chemical known as paradichlorobenzene.

Does salt kill bed bugs

This proposition may be due to the effectiveness of salt in killing slugs and snails. This is however not the case when it comes to bed bugs.

Slugs and snails are molluscs that act as membranes being able to allow easy transfer through osmosis of water content from either side depending on the tonicity of both sides.

Therefore, when you add salt to them, the external environment becomes hypertonic and hence withdraws water from its body. This makes them flaccid hence dying.

Bed bugs have exoskeletons instead which prevents osmotic action of salt on it.

Diatomaceous earth is the ‘salt’ version of snails in bed bugs as it has shown proven efficacy in the dehydration of bed bugs. It in fact has about 5 times more effectiveness in absorbing water.

Does cold kill bed bugs

Cold can kill bed bugs. Not just any cold but that configured to a certain temperature.

Temperatures as low as about -17 o C can kill bed bugs. It requires your patience and have the articles frozen for about 4 days at least.

In order to set the right optimal temperature, you will need a metered gauge to do so.

Does borax kill bed bugs

Borax is a derivative of boric acid. The two are most effective in killing termites and cockroaches. Therefore, they are not effective in treating bed bug infestations that basically require that they ingest it.

Can lysol kill bed bugs

Lysol is also an alcohol. Alcohols are best for short-term and direct actions.

When you spray them in anticipation of bed bugs, then this method would not work.

You will need to spray the alcohol onto the bed bugs so that they elicit their action better.

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