How To Treat Bed Bug Bites Naturally

Bed bugs: Six cheap and natural solutions to treat itchy bites at home

BED BUG bites can be extremely irritating, especially if you have a serious infestation and lots of bites, but there are ways to deal with them. David Cross, head of Technical Training at Rentokil Pest Control outlines six ways to treat the itch.

Bed bugs are small insects that live in the cracks and crevices in and around beds, and the recent heatwave has caused a reported increase in their numbers in the UK.

They crawl out at night and bite exposed skin, leaving small, red lumps. Bites can appear from a few minutes after being bitten up to a week or two later, according to the NHS.

Although bed bug bites are painless, they can be very itchy and irritating.

“Bedbugs aren’t dangerous and don’t spread any diseases, but some people experience a reaction to their bites and they can be stressful to live with,” the NHS said.

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There are many natural remedies and ‘old wives tales’ on what you can use to help reduce the inflammation and itching associated with bed bug bites

David Cross, Rentokil Pest Control

So what’s the most effective method of treating bed bug bites?

“There are many natural remedies and ‘old wives tales’ on what you can use to help reduce the inflammation and itching associated with bed bug bites,” said Rentokil’s David Cross.

According to Cross, there are six treatments to try, which should be applied after washing the bites with soap and water, before drying them.

Calamine lotion

This relieves itching and also helps to dry rashes and protect the skin.

Baking soda and water

Make a paste with baking soda and water, and apply it directly to the skin. Let it dry before wiping away with a cotton pad.

Bed bug bites are painless but can be itchy and irritating (Image: Getty Images)


The menthol contained in toothpaste is said to be a good anti-itch remedy. Apply a generous amount to the bite to soothe the burning sensation and relieve the itching.

Witch Hazel

This provides a mild anaesthetic effect that helps to calm the itching caused by bites.

Aloe Vera

Both “fresh” Aloe Vera or gel works well against insect bites. The active substances and amino acids present in Aloe Vera help relieve itching and burning sensations.

Lemon juice

This has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is also a natural astringent. Lemon juice can help dry rashes and itchiness while reducing redness and swelling.

As bed bugs are small and only come out at night, they can be difficult to spot and it is therefore not always easy to identify if you have an infestation.

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Bed bug bites usually fade in a few days, but there are ways to treat the itch (Image: Getty Images)

Bed bugs often bite in lines or clusters on the skin (Image: Getty Images)

Bed bugs: How to spot them and how to get rid of them

Bed bugs: What are bed bugs? How to spot an infestation and how to get rid of them.

Bed bugs: How to spot them and how to get rid of them

However, one thing which distinguishes them from other biting insects is the pattern in which they bite.

Because they are crawling insects, as opposed to flying insects such as mosquitoes, bed bugs often bite in lines or clusters across the skin.

Bed bug bites also usually occur on exposed areas such as the face, neck, hands or arms.

In more severe cases, bed bug bites may cause a rash or fluid-filled blisters. They can also become infected with bacteria if scratched.

According to the NHS: “The bites usually fade in a few days. If they’re very itchy, you can buy a mild steroid cream (such as hydrocortisone) or antihistamine tablets to relieve the itch.”

“See your GP if you develop signs of a skin infection, including pain, redness and swelling, as you may need antibiotics,” the NHS said.

Treat Bed Bug Bites with Home Remedies

In this guide, we shall discuss a few home remedies for bed bug bites so as to treat them quickly and facilitate faster healing.

What do bed bug bites look like?

The most common hosts of bed bugs are humans, but, in their absence, they won’t shy from feeding on your pets, or other mammals/birds. Bed bugs typically come out to feed at night time. So majority of the bed bug bites you will experience will be at the time of sleeping. Needless to say, this can greatly disturb your sleep quality leading to anxiety and higher stress levels in the morning. While bed bug bites do not cause any visible reaction in majority of their victims, in some allergic people, it can lead to several symptoms. Typically bed bug bites symptoms include:

  • Red itchy welts or lesions on the face, arms, legs, neck, upper back and other exposed body parts.
  • The bites or lesions are usually present in rows of three, humorously termed as ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ for the bed bugs.
  • Unlike mosquito or flea bites, bed bug bites do not have a red spot in the center
  • Bed bug bites sometimes cause an intense itch.
  • In some people who are sensitive to the protein in saliva of the bed bugs, there may be an allergic reaction in the form of hives or lumps filled with pus, blood or fluid.

Now, let us consider some ways to treat bed bug bites.

How do I treat bed bug bites? What are the best home remedies for bed bug bites?

You really do not need to specifically treat bed bug bites since, in majority of the cases, they resolve on their own. Still, the following precautions and home remedies for bed bug bites can help prevent secondary skin infections:

  • Keep the skin clean.
  • If you are itching intensely, wash the area clean with some warm water and antibacterial soap.
  • Apply some ice to the bite site. This can help reduce swelling and also stop pain and inflammation and is the best way to treat bed bug bites.
  • Apply Neosporin® to the bite. This can prevent skin infections and is the most effective of all home remedies for bed bug bites.
  • For extremely itchy bites, take an oral antihistamine like Benadryl.
  • If the bites do not clear within a week’s time, do ensure that you have your doctor look at them. You might need prescription strength antibiotics or steroids (topical or systemic) to deal with the scratching and infection.

Naturally, one of the best home remedies for bed bug bites is to deal with the infestation first. Failure to treat bed bugs will simply lead to more sleepless nights and itchiness.

Are bed bug bites dangerous?

Bed bug bites can be annoying to the person suffering, but apart from that, they are not dangerous. As mentioned above, sleepless nights owing to bed bug bites can lead to irritation and stress. Likewise, scratching the bites can lead to secondary infections that may be harder to treat.

How did I get bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs are notorious travelers who enter your homes from your luggage, clothing, infested second hand furniture or beds, books, shoes etc. Bed bugs are known to inhabit hotels, trains, buses, day care or assisted living facilities and even hospitals.

How do I know if I have an infestation?

  • You will notice welts and lesions on your skin as well as on your family members.
  • You will see tell-tale bed bug signs such as discarded exoskeleton as well as fecal matter around the bedding and mattress. This is in form of reddish/brownish stains.
  • Some people also report a sweet/obnoxious almond like odor.
  • Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices around the sleeping areas. These include places on the furniture, around the corners of mattresses, electrical outlets etc.

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, it is best to call professional exterminators or follow some of the treatment methods described on this website. These can help you get rid of bed bugs once and for all, rather than simply making repeated efforts to treat bed bug bites.

How to Treat Bug Bites Naturally

Written by Stacy K, Contributing Writer

Summer is a time for fun and sunshine. Unfortunately, this wonderful season often includes bites and stings from various bugs and insects.

Today I’d like to share a few home remedies to help you treat bug bites naturally:


The easiest way to deal with bug bites is not to get them in the first place! Most commercial insect repellants contain DEET, which is a very strong chemical I don’t care to put on my skin or the skin of my sweet babies. Thankfully, there are natural alternatives that actually work.

Homemade Insect Repellant

To ward off bugs and insects, try using a homemade bug spray. You might be surprised at how simple it is to prepare insect repellent! All it involves is stirring a few ingredients together.

We likeВ this recipe from Crunchy Betty. (We tested it on a camping trip last year and it worked great!)

Vitamin B

Before going on a camping trip, try increasing your consumption of vitamin B1 for a week or two. It is thought that the thiamin in vitamin B1 produces a body odor, undetectable to humans, that repels biting bugs, especially mosquitoes.

As always you must be careful when taking vitamins so as not to consume too much. For more information see these articles:


Plantain is a well-known remedy for bug bites and has been used by herbalists for many years. The great thing about plantain is that it is a common lawn weed and can therefore be found in many areas.

Take a look below:

Image credit

Have you seen Plantain growing around your neighborhood?

If not, it would be a good thing to plant in your own garden.

To treat bites immediately, fresh plantain can be chewed (to break down the plant), then held over the affected area for relief.Yes, it’s gross, but it works!

Keep the plantain in place by taping with a band-aid or wrapping with gauze or a bandage.

Plantain has the ability to inhibit and reduce swelling as well as soothe pain.

If you’d like to be a little more dignified about it, make a plantain poultice or prepare some plantain salve in advance and keep it handy for when the need arises (see directions here).

How to Make a Plantain Poultice

Essentially, the chewed up, fresh plantain is a poultice, but if you would prefer that chewing not be part of your herbal preparation, try the method below:

Combine 1/8 cup of water and 1/2 a cup of fresh plantain in a blender. Pulse until the mixture looksgloopy. The mixture should be moist but overly watery. It needs to hold together and not run all over the place. hold together If it is too watery, add more plantain. If it is not moist enough, add more water.

Apply the mixture to the bite so the affected area is generously covered. Keep in place with a bandage.

Plantain can be left on for many hours and is generally considered safe for all ages.

Calendula Salve

Calendula Salve is simple to prepare, but needs to be done so in advance of receiving any bites or stings.

Calendula contains soothing properties that will aid in healing most bug bites. It also has a myriad of other uses and is an excellent addition to any natural first aid kit.

To learn how to prepare your own Calendula salve and read more about it’s uses, see this post: How to make Calendula Salve and why you should.

(Or, try Mindy’s tutorial from last week on making Calendula Oil.)


For a small sting or bite, slice an onion and rub the juicy side over the affected area. For a more serious or painful bite, tape a piece of onion over the area and leave (can stay on for a few hours).

Onion can reduce the pain and swelling of bites and stings from insects such as wasps, bees, ants, spiders, and mosquitoes.

Image credit


To reduce the itching and swelling form bug bites, slice a garlic clove and rub the affected area with the juicy side.Garlic can sting, so be very careful when using this method to treat bug bites. I suggest using on adults and not children (at least to begin with) and only rub the garlic clove over the bite a few times.

If the bite is large, you might consider using a garlic poultice instead.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can use God’s creation to treat and heal out wounds? It never ceases to amaze me!

I hope you find these home remedies effective this summer.

What are your favorite natural methods for treating bug bites or stings?

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Bedbugs Bites: Discussion Pg11

This page is a collection of home remedies on treating bed bug bites that our visitors say worked for them. We have not verified that these treatments work or are safe, but I’m sure it will give you a great starting point on doing your own research. We also have some awesome pictures if you’re wondering what bites look on other people.

OMG! This is the worst ever. I have no way near the bites I’ve seen in your pictures, however this itch is worse than any pain I have ever felt. I would take the birth and labor pains of childbirth over this any day and I have had 4 kids, natural. At least I knew the pain would end.

A popular treatment for bed bug bites but be careful and read about reactions with pets.

This…this…ugh. I went to the doctor and the moron said my son and I had scabies. I wish, they are easier to get rid of than bed bugs! He gave us a CREAM to cover our bodies from head to toe. Said to bag everything that can’t be washed. Make sure sealed air tight for 3 days. Ok I believed him after all he is a doctor. Did everything just as he said I had to pay 70 $ cash for my medicine. I had purchased tea tree oil for the bites before the prescription. I lost 3 weeks of work because of how severely I scratch in my sleep.

One month an a half later here I am. I went back an d told the doctor, it isn’t scabies because I have been to the badbedbugs site at least 30 times this past month and he should feel free to check it out. I guess he felt insulted. Needless to say I have changed my carpet, washed everything in hot water, and vacuumed and vacuumed yet somehow 1 or 2 pop up daily.

Please some help here. I cant afford this. Does the baking soda really work. And my son poor guy is only two his blood is sweeter than mine. He has like 3 or 4 new bed bug bites a day. Help.

My house mate has bed bugs and I just moved in with her the bites are so bad on me that I had to go the hospital! She thinks that its fleas and refuses to believe that she has an infestation of bugs!

Another problem is mites. Yes, mites! A mourning dove had built a nest by my apartment window. The baby bird died, not sure if it was the mother or a crow. Anyway, the bird mites swarmed and caused a similar problem. Covered with bites! Had to call an exterminator! Same thing as bed bugs!

Well I had my house tented for bed bugs. It cost me $2600. My home is about 2000 sq ft. They said it wasn’t necessary to wash anything unlike some of the other treatments. It is more than worth it to me as long as it works. I haven’t stayed in my house for over a week now. I’m still itching, but no new bites. Is that common, to still itch for so long afterwards? I just don’t feel comfy/cozy at home any more. I don’t want to be here. I’m seriously thinking of selling or renting my home and moving out. I’ll keep you posted as to whether it worked or not as soon as I can start staying home again.

Jim, Do you know what the success rate is for having your house tented with Vikane Gas/Chloropicrin is?
I’m still freaking out about this. I see where someone said that they had their house fumigated and they still have BBs. Has anyone ever had their house tented and with what and what was your results? I had my house done over a week ago and I havent’ stayed there yet.

I have not idea on the success rate of tenting a house to kill bed bugs, perhaps someone here who has done this can chime in?

I use witch hazel with aloe vera (from Thayers). Apply with Q-tip or cotton ball. WORKS VERY WELL for me, especially when applied soon after bite is detected. Found that if it stings a bit when applied, it is likely that bite was recent, and more likely to reduce the itch. If I apply soon after a bite, I feel a little sting from the astringent, and the itch if often eliminated (although not sure how large the bugs are that bit me).

So if you are good at being able to detect the bite ASAP, you may be more likely to reduce the itch than if you treat long after you’ve been bitten. The more mature the bug, the greater the reaction.

Plain witch hazel probably also works fine, but the additional aloe vera in the bottle I use may help.

Tried vinegar once when I had no witch hazel, and it seemed to help, but not as much as witch hazel. Very dilute ammonia had no effect for me. Hydro-cortisone helped, but not that much.

Why do I have over 100 bites on my left leg (from toes to mid-thigh) and I have none on my right (leg)?
Also, I blanket sprayed my sofa with 91% Isopropyl alcohol and how do I get rid of the fumes?
Warning! Never allow a friend going through a divorce to “house-sit” your place for a few days when they’ve just come from a 3 night stay at a $50 a night cheap motel!

I have no idea what works…. all the benedryl, cortizone, calamine lotion, and any cream/ointment said that they help with insect bites DOES NOT work. Once you start scratching, it’s over, you are going to scratch until the cows come home. If I am able to the trick is not to scratch at all. The enzyme is only released when you scratch, unless you are highly allergic like the picture that is show above, and I thought I was allergic, guess not.

Thank god! Witch Hazel seems to work. I am gonna try the baking soda paste and peppermint oil and see if that helps. I guess I could get off the embarrassment wagon and ask my doctor for something.

What in the world is going on with this awful bedbugs? They seem to be all over the place, on the news and now in my bed! I hate these things! Why where they ever created in the first place?

I can’t stop inching . I have not had any new bites .but I’m still inching .please tell me how long do it last when do the inching stop? My friend give me a mattress n box s. Last week I just started waking up n the med hours of the night with bites n hives on my arms n hands. One night I seen a bug n google it , it was bedbugs i jump up waking everyone up in house we put both mat n box s. Out cleaned up real good spray every night n have not seen one since, but how long is the inch? N are they gone or just hiding.

I have read a lot and saw a video where professionals can heat up your house with a machine to 140deg which will kill the bed bugs.They do make bed bug sprays (raid and others) and you can get mattress covers at Walmart. the ones for allergens will do. Don’t forget to seal up zippers. Read you can mix baking soda and water to a paste put it on for an hour or so. Witch Hazel, St Johns wort and lemon juice, aloe and peppermint oil in tub may help relieve itch. Hope this helps.

what will the bed bug bites do to black skin

Excellent question! Check out Rebecca’s bites on her legs on my hotel bedbugs page.

Thank you Jayne!

Keke and Becky I hear u on what u wrote. For one I don’t think any1 likes bugs unless they r getting paid to get rid of them or show them at a zoo. Why do they call them bed bugs when they are not always in your bed?

I’ve only thought of them as some bug that is usually found in a hotel room bed because of the different people in and out doing who knows what causing germs. When you have your home and keep it clean where do they come from. I know what fleas, ticks and mosquitos r.

Well thanx to my yahoo “what’s the trend now” would have never came on this site, plus it comes at the perfect time, kind of weird.

will bleach work when washing don a mattress to kill bed bugs?

n washing will not kill bed bugs.. you cannot drown them heat kill them only

Here’s one for ya…I drive over the road truck. On Friday 8/13 it was miserably hot so I stayed the night in a reputable motel. I now have bed bugs in my truck. I’m getting a new mattress but am going to tell them to wrap it and tape it real well until I get home and bomb my truck. Being such a small space I figure using an insect smoke bomb will work. Well, at least it better. I have tons of bites all over my ankles, feet, several on my face, on one arm and on both thighs. Yup, the itching sucks…

I’m suffering a similar problem. I had a friend who stayed with me on and off for a few months. She just didn’t tell me she had bed bugs right away. I had three kids and one on he way at the time. I bombed everything, threw out lots of things, and washed everything. Its now been a year and they’re back. Only now i have three kids and I have recently become the only income. Im barely holding rent and i don’t know what to do. I’m about ready to burn everything i own. I just can’t take it. I work 40 hrs., go to school, and have a child starting school in a week. Urgggg.

I had bedbugs in my house in Florida. Bad infestation. I got rid of them without any harmful chemicals. I moved all of the bedroom furniture away from the walls and vacuumed very good and then I bought a bag of diatomaceous earth and sprinkled it all over my baseboards, carpet, etc. This acts like borax powder used to kill fleas.

I got down on my hands and knees and rubbed the powder deep into my carpet andit cured the bed bug problem. I have now been bed bug free for 3 years. You can find the diatomaceous earth in the garden center and it is very inexpensive.

Your only cost is your own labor.

recently i have gotten an infestation of bed bugs.. i noticed it not long after i got an exterminator to come spray for ants and other outside bugs.. after he sprayed i noticed an increase of spiders(especially black widows) and a lot more bugs coming inside.. i have a fairly new home(5yrs old) and i shouldn’t have this problem… make sure you get a real professional company to come and do the work. ask what they are spraying/laying down, and what they are treating for and research it to be sure.. i think my house was baited rather than treated

Since DDT was banned there has been an escalation of bugs. Malaria is killing millions and now bed bugs are taking over. I am waiting for a exterminator right now. Something is biting me and I cannot find out what it is. I know Benadryl itch stopping cream has been my salvation. I have order a few things from an online shopping network and wonder if we are getting these bugs from other countrys. I am stopping all shopping online. The only way I feel like something is on me is to take a shower. Where is the CDC on this problem.

We helped a girl who we ran into who was being beaten by her B/F. She and her daughter stayed one night, and we got them to a safe place. Now we have bed bugs. I threw away our bed. (Our guest had used one of our blankets.) Thank God my landlord is going to get an exterminator! It’s at least $300 for them to come in. And yes, the itch is unbearable.

I just moved into my new apt with my 1 yr old and 3 yr old sons. the first night we slept on covers on the floor until i got the beds in. that very first morning there we woke up with bite marks on us. i thought maybe they were just mosquito bites or something. after the beds got in we continued to have this problem. poor kids cant play right from the itching. I’m pregnant so when the bites we on my stomach i went crazy especially since i worked so hard not to scratch and cause stretch marks.

I don’t think my infestation is very extreme RIGHT NOW. i know for a fact they aren’t in or on the mattresses so that only leaves the crevices along the sides of the carpet. i got on my hands and knees to look but i still didn’t see anything. I KNOW THEY’RE THERE, WE HAVE THE BITE MARKS TO PROVE IT. the little blood suckers are excellent at hiding.

I told the landlord and if his exterminators don’t get rid of them, I’m moving out asap, no questions. its totally uncomfortable and irritating to have to worry about these type of things.AND POOR 1YR OLD CANT SCRATCH LIKE ME AND THE 3 YR OLD CAN. ( maybe that’s why his bites don’t look as bad)

I moved into my apt in April and started getting bitten in June , my apt have been professionally treated 3 separate times. I have a 3 year old and I’m so worried for her she doesn’t seem to get bitten or if she is she doesn’t have the bad reaction that I do which is good. I have 18 bites in the past week the worst I’ve ever had. I can’t find the little blood suckers but I found a bed bug spray at home depot. I’m going to treat my house wash and dry all my clothes in hot temps , then caulk every crack and crevice in this apt. I plan to do this every week until my lease is up and I can move out this apt 7 more months.

i kno what most of yall ppl saying ….i recently stood over a friends house and my bestfriends brother bed was infested but i never knew it was so we bunked together. I stayed over ther for 3 days. The friday i came home stayed in for the weekend and bam monday morning woke up outta my sleep with the most painful itching ever! it got bad within hours

All my life i’ve been allergic to basically everything i thought it was a normal allergic reaction…when i went to the doctors she told me it looks like a random bug bite not a bed bug bite but i didn’t believe her she sent me home with some cream and steroids for the swolleness…but why i think most doctors lie to u idk because i google’d the cream she gave me it was for scabiesnot even a doctor knows half of the times what are things…thank god i read up and treated my self for bedbugs!

I recently flew on Airtran Airways, First trip I went well. flying back I had a 30 minute layover in ATL (not enough time to sit down). By the time I got home I was covered in bites from the back of my thighs to my neck. I counted over 100 bites! We have got a serious problem here. these bugs are on planes. I knew nothing about these bugs. Thank you for your stories and remedies. I won’t think twice next time they ask me if I want to upgrade to first class.

We took a road trip with our kids, stayed in a nice hotel and guess what? Bed bug bites on all of us. I usually carry a product with us as it works on insect bites so we decided to try it… thank goodness it worked and got rid of the pain and itching quickly… i ordered it from a website but soon found out that I could do the same thing with baking soda and water as mentioned on this site. Before you buy, consider the alternatives! Thanks and good luck to everyone!

All these bed bugs can be dealt with. it is best to use a non chemical treatment to make it safe for your environment . here is one i found, food grade Diatomaceous Earth found at garden centers, follow instructions, and move beds away from the walls, sprinkle in the carpet deeply, on to base boards , ( it works like borax powder for fleas and roaches) .

Wash all things washable and leave in HOT dryer for at least 20 minutes. The old timers used to sun dry and air their hand made quilts outside in the sun all day and bring them in before the dew would start to settle. they also did their mattresses and pillows and cushions and this must have heated up things a bit but be careful that the sun doesn’t fade the color.

The skin treatment for the bites can be trial and error because each person reacts differently to treatments.
(1) In the tub put 1 half cup peppermint oil in your bath…
(2) make a paste out of baking soda and apply to the area where you were bitten
(3) I was in Fla. one year and my two children were bitten by Jelly Fish and the sting was horrible. the life guard wet the sting area and poured Meat Tenderizer Salt on to the wound…and this worked so quickly , the pain was gone almost instantly.
(4) When bitten by Chiggers found in the grass and also called Red bugs, the Pharmacist told me to get some Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline and apply to each bite and it would smother the Red bug and it would die….IT WORKED SO QUICKLY ….and now i pass that on to everyone.

the Red bug bite is just as painful and itches with no let up like the Bed Bug bites. only difference is the Red Bug is in your skin living under your skin until you kill them. I remember my mom and dad use to say when fresh grass is cut not to roll around on the ground because the Red Bugs ( or Chiggers) would get ALL OVER YOUR BODY, and they were right so back in the 60″s we had only few treatments and the old remedies were passed down from family to family. ( you can buy Chigger ointment from pharmacies like Polks or old timers Drug Stores) we used Micureocome and Methilate for bites and scrapes. My spelling isn’t great.

NEVER PUT ALCOHOL ON BEE STINGS OR WASP STINGS OR ANYTHING WITH A will force the venom into your blood stream and increase the danger, always use like Meat Tenderizer salt, toothpaste, and anything that draws out the venom from the skin. Use lemon juice, Aloe Plant, NEVER EXPERIMENT WITH TREATMENTS OF ANY KIND. i hope this helped. CHECK OUT YOUR LOCAL WHOLE FOODS STORES AND HERBAL STORES FOR HELP. BUY A BOOK ON HOME REMEDIES FOR INSECTS, GO TO YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY AND CHECK OUT BOOKS FOR HOME REMEDIES THAT ARE SAFE.



The bed bug is a universal problem yet it can be dealt with on a regular basis. used items and new items carry bed bugs. always wash and dry for 20 min. ( its the heat that kills the bug). bed pillows need to be washed and dried on a regular basis and the beds head board are full of body skin cells that attract the bugs. a good old cleaning with vaccum and wipe down is needed. keep your vac cleaned and bag empty after each use, the bugs are in the vac.

use home remedies first and its safer. don’t try something just because someone tells you to do it or they say it worked for them. do some research first and then make it your own idea. ask pharmacist because they are knowledgeable about medicines and chemicals, but even be careful and do researching when given advise. kalee signing off.

I thought “Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” was just a saying before I went to sleep as a child. Now I know they’re real…

The baking soda and water remedy cured it up within the hour i had it on. THANK YOU! 😀

WE have been dealing with these pests for over a month now! WE are covered with welts and itch continuously. I tried bathing in shaving cream and get some relief. the shaving cream has a disinfectant in it that purifies the skins and relieves itching for several hours. I still find a stray bed bug every now and then but we have almost got the problem solved.
I used an Aloe Vera Gel that also worked.

Clearasil acne cream does work for the bites. Just apply on affected area and repeat – in about 2-3 days the itching will stop.

My husband returned from a Military Deployment…and brought bed bugs home with him. The day after we realized we had them, an exterminator that specializes in Bed Bugs came to our house and sprayed. They scheduled themselves to come back in 14 days to spray again (to kill the new bugs that hatch after the initial spray). We were old the spray would kill all the adults and babies…and the second spray would get the new hatchlings. 3 days after the initial spray, we started seeing adult bugs again!

We took extreme measures and hired a Heat company to come in. They heat your house to approx 150 degrees (internal wall temp of 140 or more). Bed bugs can survive for 7 minutes at 115 degrees. The heat company heats your house to well above that temp and maintains it for 4 hours! It was great. We have not seen a bed bug since…except for dead ones!! I will warn everyone…the treatment is not cheap. We have a 3200 sq foot house that is only 2 years old…the cost was $4000. They base the cost on square footage, age of home, insulation, etc. I freaked when I heard the estimate, but worth the money to be rid of them!!

my concern is i am homeless and staying at a mission for now downtown Seattle there are thousands of these things in our city and biting a lot of sick people …”CAN YOU GET AIDS FROM A BED BUG. ”i guess this is a major concern for a lot of people and how do we go about eliminating them in our city. what do we put on the bites or do we just leave it alone.

And, how much does heat treatment for bed bugs cost?

If the bed bugs fill up on an infected person’s blood, then you crush one of those bugs and it bursts infected blood on you, or your hand going to your mouth, then why would it not? Or better yet, how could it not infect you?

Is the blood cleaned by the bed bug when sucked up from infected people? If so, why not expand that and do a massive transfusion of infected people’s blood through a device using the same method used by the bugs? Instant cure for aids, right?

I noticed the bites the day after my landlord came and sprayed for other bugs. I had 31 bites when i woke up the next morning. I told her and she said they looked like flea bites and gave me bombs.

I never actually saw a bedbug in my apt. I don’t notice anymore bites while i was home but a week later i broke out in what looked like hives. I went to the emergency room and they gave me a steroid and said to take oral antihistamines for the itch.

Now it has been 2 months and i when I spent the night at my boyfriend’s home, i got bit several times and thought it was hives cause the marks look the same. This has been happening for about 2 or 3 weeks now. I came over tonight and decided to wash the bedding and found one crawling on the mattress pad.

How do you get rid of them without having to call the professionals cause they even bite through clothes.

Just recently had my first experience w/ bedbug bites in Nicaragua. Hundred plus bites in one night and over a period of three days they became so inflamed, there were tiny blisters on each bite. These suckers snacked on me like I was an all you can eat buffet. I itched 4 days straight and finally went to a pharmacy there, which prescribed me acne creme. Worked, I guess, at least psychologically. But the bites kept festering more and more.

Luckily we were at the tail-end of our trip and once I arrived back home I immediately soaked in a hot-hot Epsom Salt bath. I used 3 cups of Epsom Salt, repeated that twice…and shazaam! The bites reduced in size and the itch was “almost” completely relieved. I had an extremely severe reaction going on and at one point considered going to a dermatologist or hospital to get some professional care.

Now I’m REALLY paranoid the little bastards are slinking out of my backpack and into the carpet, soon to reach my bed – thus sparking another outbreak. Did wash almost everything that was in my possession on our trip. But, who knows… I’m itching just writing about this.


when i was a young kid and got the chicken pox my mom had bathed me in warm water and oat meal, when my children developed chicken pox i did the same for them, this helps with the itching for several hours. You can buy packets of oat meal at a drug store for purposes suck as chicken pox, poison ivy, poison oak, etc. The packets sold at stores contain oat meal and other ingredients to ease itching and burning. I hope this is helpful for anyone who is willing to try it, it works for my family.

Well I have those blood sucking bed bugs in my house my kids scratched so much it left marks how do I get rid of it

WE have been battling bed bugs and ive had a horriable reaction to hundreds of bites resulting in huge welts.. Sarna is an over the counter lotion for itching that has worked better than the 3 creams the doctor gave me. JUst thought id share.

Hello all I just want to put this out there that heat is the best way to kill these little pests. I work for a company that uses heat to do structural pasteurization, in other words we heat the entire house up to 140°+ (which is higher than the the thermal kill point for bedbugs) for an hour or more (though they can only withstand that heat for less than 15 min) This has been the ONLY way to kill them with a 100% success rate since they are becoming resistant to chemicals and DDT is illegal. Some things work for some infestations but not for all, there are a lot of good ideas on here 🙂

It is a little on the expensive side but personally I can’t put a price on my comfort I don’t know about you!

My boyfriend is staying with a man who rents a room out in his house. The last tenants had bed bugs and the living room couch and everything is infested and theyve been gone for a month. The bugs were dormant until a week or two ago. The man has sprayed the house with something that is supposed to kill bed bugs yet my boyfriend is continuously being bitten. We counted around 100 bites. They are swollen and the itching is making him crazy. He is unable to sleep at night. We are trying to convince the man to just throw the couch out. Since he has no carpet we believe the couch is their main breeding ground and the sprays DID NOT WORK.

To find out if the bed bugs are using the couch as their main breeding ground, visit my page on bed bugs traps located at the top right and make one to place next to the couch!

I have been getting bit for over 5 years, I went to the Dr. he said it was welts from allergies, once was bitten on the face, it swelled so bad my eye looked like I had been hit..the whole side of my face swelled into one welt…some on my upper leg are 7-8 inc. round.

I am 59 and never had any allergies before.. My other half never got bit until recently, and it is only recently I’ve seen the bugs.. we got a new kittie and he gets them before or after they get me. That’s how I finale got to see one, he woke me up chasing it..the bites I cover with alcohol for 2-3 days, the itching stays down… am going to try the Diatomaceous earth trick, am on a small pension and can not afford Orkin or any this site, great information..

NO you cannot contract HIV from Bed bugs in fact as far as I know they haven’t been found to transmit ANYTHING they are just a nuisance and if your allergic to the bites its worse otherwise they are not dangerous. However there is always the danger from infection I mean the bites becoming infected if you don’t take care of them like any wound not HIV. And they are creepy but ultimately mosquitoes could be more dangerous if u there is west nile around or something.

Maybe before you go fear mongering, you should at least Google whatever your about to say that makes you look bad? First read above. Second to answer your question how did you say it….. oh yes ……. Is the blood cleaned by the bed bug when sucked up from infected people? Well the answer is yes and no. HIV can’t live very long at all once the blood has been exposed to air much less been digested by something(ick).

The bed bug can not give you HIV not even if you ate one that was full of HIV infected blood tho I doubt this has been tested(GROSS) lol . Now moving on to your “instant cure for AIDS bed bug digestion transfusion?! um first off I think you really mean Bed Bug dialysis from what you are describing however if anything like that would work don’t you think just giving someone all new blood via clean blood transfusions would work? We do have the technology to clean someones blood which like I said above is called Dialysis. However we can’t clean HIV virus from the blood.

The problem with this idea of yours the BuggedOut’s Bed Bud AIDS Cure Dialysis Machine is that the blood in a bed bug is dead blood. That is why it is red and since HIV is a virus which is also alive it guess what…. yep you guessed it ^_

How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites Naturally?

Having bed bug bites could be a traumatic situation, especially if it is discovered in one’s own bed. One could be smitten at various parts of the body by bed bug bites which would result in rashes, itching, as well as scars and blisters around the areas devoured of bed bug bites. One is a constant fear that these creepy creatures would be hovering around the bedroom. So what could be done to get rid of bed bug bites? The best ways to deal with bed bug bites is home remedies. Read more to know how to get rid of bed bugs naturally.

Remedies to GetRid Of Bed Bug Bites Naturally:

1.) Check Your Home For Signs Of Bed Bugs to Prevent Bed Bug Bites

It’s important to maintain hygiene in the place where you sleep. Bug Bites appear in places where people exist in order to get the warm blood of humans. If one sees red spots on the sheets, then no need to fear. It is caused by bedbug that must have been squeezed from the leftover bits after the bedbugs completed feeding upon you .

  • Inspect the complete mattress inclusive of the linen and seams. See if there are bedbugs, carcasses, empty skins and feces in the form of black spots and smudges).
  • See your bed sheets ,pillow cases, and pillow cover as well.

2.) Vacuum the Furniture to Prevent Bed Bug Bites

One’s bed could easily sustain upon carpeting, mattresses, box springs as well as other attractive areas. Try and take your bed out into parts and vacuum it completely with the help of a vacuum cleaner appropriately according to its settings. It’s highly essential important to pay special attention to the edges and crannies, as these are places where the insect could be hidden. After washing the fabrics, vacuum out the dreaded bed bug bites from tables, wardrobes, coats, mattresses. As bed bug are seen hidden around cracks and corners it needs to be removed from these corners with the help of vacuum cleaners.

3.) Ice Pack to Get Rid ofBed Bug Bites Naturally

Ice, when applied to bed bug bites, cures the area as it numbs the nerves of that specific area. This in return heels the itching and pain .By applying ice to the irritated area, it helps in leaving A soothing sensation in one’s body.

  • Soap so that it lathers and reduces the irritation caused due to bed bug bites.
  • Water used for cleaning thereby it removes bed bug bites and heals your skin from bed bites.
  • Rub the soap upon the bites and keep rubbing it unless the lather is created.
  • Once the soap dries up , wash it off with the help of water. As the soap and water act as an antiseptic its used for washing the area affected by bed bug bites.
  • Wrap some ice cubes in your cloth and apply it over the affected area.

4.) Cinnamon And Honey Paste to Getof Bed Bug Bites Naturally

Cinnamon comprises of anti-inflammatory properties which prove to be very beneficial to cure skin rash thereby helps in getting rid big bug bites.Honey acts as a moisturizer to the skin thereby helps in reducing the frequency of converting the bed big bites into an open wound.

  • For preparing a paste of cinnamon and honey, you require a 2-3 tablespoon of honey and 50 to 250 grams of cinnamon.
  • Water is considered to be an essential element, therefore a jar of water would be sufficient.
  • In order to prepare a paste of cinnamon and honey mix cinnamon and honey in equal quantities so as to form a paste.
  • The mixture will provide relief caused by prolonged irritation.
  • Apply the paste and leave it for drying before washing.
  • For best results, the process could be repeated further.

5.) Baking Soda to GetRid of Bed Bug Bites Naturally

Sodium bicarbonate scientific name for baking soda is an effective agent for neutralizing acidic chemicals which be caused due to the itching sensation to get rid of bed bug bites. Baking soda helps reducing swelling and redness as it is acted an inflammatory agent.

  • Baking soda
  • Water to form a good mixture its application.
  • Prepare a mixture of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 3 teaspoons of water.
  • Put it the mixture wisely on the affected area.
  • Let it dry for 10 minutes before it’s rinsed off.
  • If there is any discomfort, continue the process again a while, approximately after 30 to 45 minutes.

6.) Lemon Juice to Treat Bed Bug Bites at Home

Lemon is a natural astringent which could be used to dry the rashes out which is caused as a result of bed bug bites. The bed bug bites keep itching at its end. The inflammatory and antibacterial properties help reduce the redness and swelling and helps to reduce infection.

  • Dip cotton ball in lemon juice.
  • Use a thin cloth to pat the bed bug bites
  • Leave it to dry in the air, the wash the infected area
  • Repeat the process twice or thrice a day.

7.) Aloe Gel to Treat Bed Bug Bites at Naturally

Aloe gel soothes the skin. It acts as an active component and the amino acids present in the Aloe Vera helps to treat the itching and burning sensation. It also helps to keep the skin moisturized.

  • Scoop out a spoon full of natural Aloe Vera gel.
  • Wash the affected area and apply Aloe Vera gel over it with the help of the cotton ball.
  • You can also use cosmetic Aloe Vera gel also.

8.) Apple Cider Vinegar to GetRid of Bed Bug BitesNaturally

ACV is packed with the anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. These properties make it one of the best home remedies to get rid of bed bug bites naturally.

  • In a bowl pour a few drops of apple cider vinegar, add some water to it to make it dilute.
  • Dip a cotton ball in it and spread it over the affected skin.
  • Rinse the area first and then apply this remedy.

9.) Toothpaste to Cure Bed Bug Naturally

Yes, you read it right!Toothpaste has a cooling agent that helps to curb the irritation and itching. These are the main symptoms of the bed bug bites.

  • Wash the affected skin.
  • Apply a pea size white toothpaste over it.
  • Leave it until it dries completely later rinse it off.

10.) Visit a Doctor to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Consult a doctor for a diagnosis if there are no bedbugs found in your bed and you can determine where the bed bugs in your bed came from and you cannot Identify the rashes .There ‘ is a good chance to take an appointment with a physician. You will feel comfortable to see the doctor.

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